A Visit to Dubai Zoo

Last month it was E’s 3rd birthday and we decided against throwing a big party this time as we have been doing past 2 years. Instead we planned to take E to different places throughout the month’s weekends where she’d enjoy more than the grand birthday bash. We were eyeing Emirates Park Zoo since so long which is located near Abu Dhabi but couldn’t make it there. I was also looking forward to visit Dubai Safari but it’s launch has been delayed (it is in my list though) so we had to settle for Dubai Zoo.

Dubai Zoo is relatively smaller as compared to other zoos of the Emirates which is located in Jumeirah 1. Though the zoo does not have Elephant, Giraffe and Crocodile/ Alligator but Lions, Tigers and Monkeys are very much in there. The entry ticket is 2 AED per person for everyone, kids under 2 go for free, check out the first picture below for information about timings.

Despite of the fact that the place is small and confined, following are some reasons for which you would consider going there:

  • Entry is too cheap
  • Location is inside the city hence easily accessible
  • You don’t want to spend a whole day in zoo ( the total walk around the cages takes 1.5 hours max)
  • Kids don’t care about the place, they just like to see those animals

Sharing our encounter of the zoo below… Check out this post with your babies, kids, nephews and nieces peeps. They are gonna enjoy more than you 🙂

Here is all the information about this zoo

The different kinds of monkeys they have.

The Lions and Tigers

And this is a small video tour of Dubai zoo… Enjoyyyy 😉

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