Hey, I’m Yasmeen Hassham – you can call me Yasi, a proud Pakistani residing in the beautiful city of Wellington.
I’m a housewife and mother of a mischievous little princess and a naughty li’l handsome hunk; a computer engineer by profession and have worked as a Business Analyst for a reputed firm before the advent of my marriage and motherhood 😀
This blog is all about everyday lifestyle. One day I’ll be posting cooking tips and tricks and the other day you’ll find me posting about my travel diaries or a review about makeup event I attended or an article about fussy toddler or what not!
  • trying new, simple, quick and yummy recipes
  • traveling – who doesn’t… lol (but exploring the world is my dream and its coming true as time is passing by, alhamdulillah)
  • Adventuresss – yesss, I so wanna skydive, bungee jump and all that scary stuff. Done some of it already, but still way to go! I’m an adrenaline junkie 😛
  • exploring exciting places (eateries, theme parks, beaches or anything different like spending some time at a local village or so)
  • making new friends – you and me will become one soon 🙂
Being a mum and wife (as it’s said in Urdu, “Dil ka rasta peit se” translated as “the road to heart is through the stomach”), I love to cook healthy and tasty food for my family in quickest and easiest possible way. Anything that takes less time and effort but results in yummilicous dish is my type of food (in terms of cooking :p)
In the ‘Bites‘ section, you will find some of the best tried and tested recipes from different chefs which fall into the above mentioned criteria. I can probably start calling myself a chef-pert (Pun Intended) 😀
Under ‘Breaks‘, you will also come across the detailed versions of my travel diaries. What to expect, what to do and what to eat in different parts of the world where I have visited. Also, reviews about my latest expeditions here and there will secure some pages as well.
I don’t claim to be the best of the lot but you will surely enjoy your time scrolling through the content. I hope you relish your visit every time you pass by here, I’ll try my best to make it worthwhile for sure. Don’t forget to share/like/comment if you find anything worth reading.
And finally, adding a philosophical touch.. “Life is all about experiences, the good, the bad. You are doing great, no matter what, just keep on rolling =)

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