While on Board Boeing 777 to Australia

Hey everyone, Hope you all are doing good.

The much awaited journey kicked off pretty well alhamdulillah, we arrived at the airport a little late though (keeping our tradition alive :/ ) but we were there in time thankfully.

On this long-haul flight to Melbourne, I get to see the magical sunrise and sunset with difference of just a couple of hours and going to land at midnight in just 2 hrs, such a small  yet long day it was. Also, got some time to write a detailed review about our experience. Yayyy 😀

Please bear with me since I am sleepless and tired. Managed to get some cat naps during the first 6 hrs of flight while E was fast asleep. Yes, its exhausting but I am enjoying it.

Choosing Emirates was really a good decision and the credit goes to HI, he is always concerned about comfort while planning getaways for us . With only 3 hrs left to reach the destination, I am not feeling weary in any way considering the fact that I have not been able to catch proper sleep since I am awake at 8:30 am yesterday. The in-flight entertainment is life saver totally. I have watched 2 movies (yesss, Seriously I don’t remember when did I last watch this much pictures in a go :p ) and right now I am listening to songs while drafting the post. HI is watching Bad Moms (haha) and E is also enjoying her Dora & Friends series, probably that’s why I am so much pleased with their ICE monitors, their touch is pathetic though :p . I watched Mothers & Daughters and Kapoor & Sons in case you want to know which films I enjoyed.

I’d recommend the former one to all mommies out there, it’s such a cute movie about what it means to a be a mother, how a mother stands by you, how she always puts you first yet she always find ways to drive you crazy 😉 . Some people can’t see the love they have until they see it from someone else’s eyes and yesss mothers come in all shapes and sizes  😀

The latter one, I am assuming that most of you have already seen. But it was a good watch, the climax was a little complex though. Too much interwoven high points but it was not bad at all. Family is integral part of everyone’s  life, one should never let go of it. Enjoyed the movie, Alls well that ends well especially when you get to see those handsome hunks for 2.5 hrs. lol 😉

You can buy 500 MB of data for $1 only and keep yourself connected to the rest of the world while flying (isn’t it great and cheap too). But don’t try to upload/download anything or else you are gonna wait forever… lol. That is why my this post has so less pictures :/

Talking about food, that’s one of my favourite parts :P. I am fond of their kitchen, they never fail to serve tasty and complete meals. Frequent snacks, fruits and juices are also being offered to the passengers. E is not interested in eating anything though, gosh when this girl is gonna start eating properly 😦 .Lunch is about to serve btw so I better finish the post and get my hands over it. :p haha. You ppl can check out the menu below 😉 (sorry about the picture quality)


See you all in the next post, Keep following the Facebook page and Instagram for recent updates.

Enjoyyy 🙂

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