OOTD – Casual Look!

It’s been so long since I have shared any OOTD post, the realization hit me hard when I saw the date of last OOTD post on the blog and it was about an year ago. Where is time going, man? Ok, this is not the topic of today’s post so let’s keep this discussion for some other day. Today I am here for an outfit post, which falls in the category of most loved posts (by you and me too, the feelings are mutual 😄 ). It’s about a casual look I donned last weekend for a friend’s birthday bash keeping in mind the activities planned for the evening. We had a couple of plans for the night which included: Continue reading “OOTD – Casual Look!”

OOTD – My Eid Look!

I have been away for just a month but feels like I haven’t blogged since forever. Gosh I so missed interacting with you all through this platform. Even though I soooo wanted to write about many things and happenings in between but I seldom get a chance to be myself let alone write a post. But with this post I am planning to bounce back with more new ideas and content. So, brace yourself for a better and brighter reading space you guys 🙂

Ever since we have set foot on this beautiful land of Kiwis; Continue reading “OOTD – My Eid Look!”

Sephora Kaleido Lips Event

This post is throwback to the subject event I attended on November 2, 2016 at Mall of Emirates.

One of the best things about living in UAE is you can visit SEPHORA (the makeup heaven) any day you want. Being a woman (read girl, that’s more like it lol), makeup is one of my loves. As a result of which I ended up subscribing for ‘White’ loyalty card from Sephora, which soon was upgraded to ‘Black’ with quite a lot of purchases (yes, I spent a lot. Ask my husband HI :p). I am now entitled to their exclusive event invites after that ‘promotion’. That is how I got the invite in case you are wondering how I got one.
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