Roving in THE ROCKS – Trip Of Lifetime Day 19

Sydney is one humongous city with densely populated suburbs spread in all directions but almost all the tourist attractions sit in the corner near theOpera House and Harbour Bridge. I listed down a ton of places in our itinerary to visit in Sydney and we had kept 4 days for that but little did we know that all those places are situated so close to each other that one can visit ’em all in a day *facepalm moment*.

The morning of our trip’s 19th day we decided to take a walk down the area of The Rocks. We thought one whole day will be good enough to explore this part but we were proven wrong as soon as we searched for the location of the said domain. It was located right next to the harbour Bridge which means that we were going to traverse the same path once again which we were walking on since last 2 days. Lol :p

The Rocks is a neighbourhood enriched with historical houses, lanes and walking tracks. It is home to markets from where you can shop for many handmade items and souvenirs. We witnessed how they make handmade jellies and sweets there in one of the shopping arenas (forgot to take a picture or video of the whole scene.. my bad).

You can also do the  Bridgeclimb at the mighty Harbour Bridge from there (prior booking is required) which we did not because kids are not allowed up there and we had no one to leave E with that time. You can however visit the ‘Pylon Lookout‘ which is not heavy on the pocket and is situated right next to Harbour Bridge. It offers breathtaking 360 degree views of the whole scenery – Opera house and it’s surroundings that is (we did not go up there either because we seem to miss it somehow during the walk :/ ).

Let us now have a look at some of the areas we sauntered in. (hover over the images or click to enlarge to read the captions)

Some sights from the pier…

Check out the colorful pathways…

And after wandering along the whole area we emerged out on this promenade – the Opera House was saying ‘Hi’ to us from a distance there.

Personally, I find myself quite fascinated to learn about a place’s history thus I thoroughly enjoyed strolling around those narrow and shady bricked passages. So, if you are inclined towards history and enjoy roaming around archaic alleys than The Rocks is definitely a place to be.

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