15 min Tiramisu

Its been a while since I have posted any recipe. I have been so preoccupied with my travel tales that I almost forgot about this section of my blog. Guilty as charged, today I thought to post a recipe instead of another post in the Trip Of Lifetime series. Such an easy peasy one it is. You just need to think about making it and you are done with it in 15 minutes literally. So lets get down to the business…

About Tiramisu: It (meaning “pick me up”, “cheer me up”,”wake me up” or “lift me up”) is a popular coffee-flavored dessert.

Rating: chef-hatchef-hatchef-hatchef-hat  

Reproduced from:  Samina’s (my sister) recipe

Cuisine: Italian

Course:  Dessert

Serves: 4-6 Ease Level:  chef-hatchef-hatchef-hatchef-hatchef-hat
Prep Time:  10 mins Quickness:  chef-hatchef-hatchef-hatchef-hatchef-hat
Assembling Time:  5 mins Sweetness Level:  chef-hatchef-hatchef-hatchef-hat

chef-hat Above ratings are out of 5


chef-hatCream whipping machine / Food processor/  Whip spoon and container
chef-hatA bowl and spoon
chef-hatServing Dish


chef-hatSweetened Condensed Milk 1 small can
chef-hatWhipping Cream 120 ml
chef-hatFresh Milk as per consistency
chef-hatFresh Cream 4 tbsp
chef-hatSponge Finger Biscuits As required
chef-hatCoffee 1 tsp
chef-hatWater (cold) 2 cups
chef-hatCocoa Powder as required


chef-hatIn a bowl, dissolve coffee in water.
chef-hatSoak sponge finger biscuits in the coffee-dissolved water and set them as base in the serving dish.
chef-hatIn the food processor, whip cream .
chef-hatAdd condensed milk, fresh milk and fresh cream to the whipped cream and mix.
chef-hatPour the mixture over already set base evenly.
chef-hatDust cocoa powder on the cream mixture.
chef-hatPut the dish in refrigerator for about 4 hours to set.


chef-hatYou can use 2 sachets of cream powder instead of whipping cream.
chef-hatCake rusk or any other kind of  plain cake can also be used if you are unable to find sponge finger biscuits.
chef-hatChill the dessert overnight for better stability.
chef-hatYou can make multiple layers of biscuits and cream.
chef-hatThe consistency of cream should not be runny.

Hope you’ll enjoy trying it out.
I’d love to get your feedback. Feel free to drop a comment below about your experience.

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