Marvelous Melbourne – Trip of Lifetime Day 04

The hangover of last 2 days at Great Ocean Road continued the next day and we were feeling a bit lazy right from the beginning of the day. But staying back at hotel was totally out of question. We went downstairs to the breakfast area (it was included in our package) only to find out that it was not halal. So we ate fruits, had coffee, came back to the room, got ready and set out to take a look at the remaining attractions of the city.

As soon as we came out, I bumped into this Origani store situated right next to the entrance of the hotel where I was introduced to a special kind of skincare product made from Manuka Honey; it is produced only in Australia and New Zealand. Long story short, I ended up buying the product partly because of the exclusive bargain they were offering me and mainly because of the product itself. Usually I don’t buy stuff that randomly but I was really impressed man. Will share details and review about the product soon.

We started marching towards CBD once again and on the way we came across a narrow street where some boys were actually painting the walls with street art. Woah, that is such a daunting task. All our efforts to understand the patterns they were making went down the drain. One can’t simply find out what is being painted until it is finished completely. Watch out for yourself in the video.

Narrow lanes depicting street art

We were on track again i.e. towards CBD soon after taking some pictures and videos. Took a tram to Flinders street and had lunch at our signature Indian restaurant (this was our go-to eatery in Melbourne) where everything on the menu was Halal.

Satisfying our hunger, we moved forward and entered into St. Paul’s Cathedral to observe the magnificent interior of the church. Fortunately, a prayer was in progress at that time and we recorded the moment in our camera. Check out the video clip.

Inside view of St. Paul’s Cathedral

Strolling ahead we arrived at Yarra River which is the social heart of the city. It offers multitude of picturesque settings. At one end you can see tall buildings and at the other quiet parks with picnic and fishing facilities. In addition, there are trails and paths which cater for cyclists, walkers and joggers. You can walk or take a cruise ride along the river bank to explore the area. But we sat there for some time and relished the view exhibiting fusion of old historical sites with urban tall buildings. Eureka tower (Melbourne’s tallest 88 storey building with observation deck) is also located here.

View of river from Flinder’s street
The beautiful Yarra River
Pedestrian bridge on the river

From there we headed towards Docklands in tram, the next destination of the day. But we missed the station and disembarked 2 stations ahead in some mall which was closed obviously. Melbourne Star, was in sight so we decided to catch the sunset and get a bird’s eye view of the city on it. It was a half hour ride with informational commentary about the city. Catching the sunset high above turned out to be an incredible idea, the city was basking in twilight, looked fascinating. Attaching pictures below.

The breathtaking sunset from Melbourne Star
Capsules of the star
The urban side of city
The Melbourne Star

Next we proceeded towards Docklands; which is an extension to CBD with residential, commercial, dining and leisure options. Spent some time gazing at the calm panorama in the chilly night breeze. The pictures are doing justice to the tranquility of the scene.

The beautiful Bolte bridge
Docklands harbour

Finally, we advanced our way towards hotel through the FREE tram stopping for dinner at the same Indian restaurant in between. And that was a wrap for the day.

Find out how we reached to Phillip island all the way from Dendenong ranges on day 5 of our trip in the upcoming post. Thats an interesting escapade, stick around folks!

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