How to Get Baby Soft Skin in 5 minutes? Bonus: special promotion inside!

I am one of those lazy bums who always take their skin for granted. I never used any skincare products religiously because the whole process of applying so many products seems intimidating to me. And ever since E came into my life I found the perfect excuse to avoid it by saying that ‘I don’t get much time for myself’.  But running away from problems is not an ideal scenario, it only increases the distance from the solution (did i just sound philisophical.. lol). So this year, I decided to face my skincare nightmares and ORIGANI products helped me in busting the myth behind which I was seeking refuge all the time.


Do you guys remember I wrote about getting this amazing product from Melbourne while we were on the go. ( You can access the post at this link, it will help you in recalling the instance 😉 ) . So I came across Origani store when we were about to start our day’s expedition. There I was introduced to this kickass Manuka Honey Peel treatment product, which I fell in love with right after trying it out on hand – the difference was visible. Usually I am not impressed by anything until and unless it is really very good but hands down I can say that I am inclined towards this product now totally.

Before starting with the details, let me shed some light on it. Manuka Honey is exclusively produced in Australia and New Zealand; commonly known for its health benefits and medicinal properties. It is called ‘Medihoney’ and sold as an alternative medicine in most of the pharmacies there and can be found in every Aussie and Kiwi Home. Quite interesting… right! After absorbing all the benefits of manuka honey, I ended up buying the product right there without giving it a second thought.

I got this complete treatment package from the store which include the peel ofcourse, a cleanser and moisturiser. And mannn, this product has become my ultimate favourite in no time. Apart from the conventional causes which includes soft, smooth, hydrated, glowing, nourished and healthy skin, the main reasons of my fondness are:

Less Time Consuming

The whole process of applying peel, exfoliating, cleansing and moisturising takes no more than 5 minutes. This is where the product hit the nail on the head for me. Being a mother, a housewife and now a blogger, I barely get time to pamper myself but this product has made my life super easy.

Instant Results

I was amazed to see results just after one application. The difference was visible, my skin felt more soft, glowing and I couldn’t stop touching my face again and again. Seriously!

Exfoliation tricks the skin into acting younger by encouraging cell turnover (damaged and dead skin cells) and helps removing the deep seated dirt which in turn puts skin in the best possible position to absorb treatments and moisture. This peel is doing exactly the same, I am IMPRESSED.
It is the second important step towards the path that leads to beautiful younger looking skin (‘the regimen to get nourished glowing skin’ in simple terms :p). I have shared the complete list of steps previously in the post at the link .

Long Term Investment

I prefer quality over quantity and after looking at the price tag you might feel that it is a little over-priced but one jar of the manuka honey peel will last forever, trust me. You just have to apply one little scoop of product (spatula is inclusive in the box) on your entire face. Typically one jar will last up to an year if you are religiously following the regime, so you can calculate the price you are expending per month by doing simple math (Let me know if you need any help with that 🙂 ) and it’s also saving time (which is money ofcourse 😀 ). I’d strongly suggest that you should not compromise on your skincare buddy.

Natural & Organic

The product is a fine blend of the best organic elements (manuka honey being one) with science. So you are gifting the natural body-nourishing elements found in nature to your skin. You can read more about Origani’s vision at the link.

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VERDICT: It is one of the best products I have come across so far, have been using it for more than a month (twice a week) and have not experienced any adverse effects. The moisturiser and cleanser may be suitable for normal skin only though but the peel gets my full votes for sure. Moreover, it will aid in lightening these awful freckles I have on my face which is definitely a slow process, will get back to you guys after some months time with my observations. But my initial encounter is quite satisfying only thing that bugs me with the product is the packaging, it is definitely not a very bonny one. Nevertheless, it proved to be the knight in shining armour which rescued my skin from holiday hangover. Shopping for face mask is up next now 😉

And I got a Strawberry Lip Balm from them too, Not only me but E also love it so much that she goes to the room and try to apply it secretly… 😀


Special Promotion

This is a discount offer exclusively for my readers, so hurry and grab yours before it ends. It is valid up till 14th February 2017. Get it for you on this Valentines girls and if you are a guy then get it for your girl 😉

For Dubai readers:


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Avail AUD$100.00 OFF when purchase products for AUD$400.00 i.e. you pay AUD$300.00 only at Website: 

Offer: Use Coupon code B&B7423 at check out for offer to be valid.

Unfortunately, this offer is not valid in Pakistan, but all you loves can get your hands on this offer if you have a friend or relative here in UAE or Australia. You can ask them to grab it for you 😉 (just a suggestion)

Keep looking lovely my loves and Don’t compromise on your skincare at all!


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