Sephora SPA Party Event

I am back with another beauty-full post addressing the subject event with common yet useful tips and tricks relating to skincare. Those who follow me on Instagram and have checked my last night’s story must have an idea about what is coming on the blog. And the ones who are wondering how I got the invite can check the post at link to find out the ‘secret’ behind it.

These days I am pretty much concerned about my skin care since I have not been using any product to please my skin except for cleanser and moisturizer which are inevitable at any cost. So I was actually looking forward to the event which was to be held at Mirdif City Centre irrespective of the fact that it was scheduled on a week day at a location which is far and inaccessible by metro. I needed to go by car and HI came to the rescue as always and agreed to take me there after office (he had to.. lol :P). The timings were 5-9 pm and I can’t reach there before 7:30 pm in any case due to above mentioned limitations keeping in mind the rush hours of traffic as a cherry on top.

All set for the event while waiting for HI

We reached there around 8 pm (too late already) and dashed down to Sephora without looking here and there. I got myself registered and they gave me a wrist band along with map (shown below) outlining the stops to check out different skin and hair-care booths.

Sephora events are always organised ❤


The first stall I stumbled upon right after the registration was ‘Super Food Game‘, this had all the Food-Inspired-Beauty products from Egg to coconut, with pumpkin and honey, banana and berries as their main ingredients. Sounds pretty tempting, right 😉


Next I moved towards ‘Experiential Table‘, Here lots of ladies were experimenting face and hands products with the help of beauty helpers posted. Refreshments such as fruits, tarts and drinks were constantly pouring in for the guests, E loved those fruit sticks and I got some time to ‘eat’ the beauty expert’s brain while E was busy devouring her fruits. I was quite keen to know the standard skincare rituals before experimenting anything because I am a newbie in this game. The girl who was assisting me was kind enough to explain the path that leads to beautiful younger looking skin (all the steps involved in the regimen to be exact :p) which are:

  1. Cleanse – face wash
  2. Exfoliate – should be done twice a week or once at least; helps to minimize blemishes, freckles and dark spots
  3. Tone – to refresh and hydrate
  4. Mask – keeps the skin hydrated, pull out and block impurities; recommended to use after exfoliating
  5. Boost – serums
  6. Eye Care – eye masks
  7. Moisturize – that is what we do normally
  8. Protect – BB or CC cream

After that I headed to the ‘Hair Care‘ section, and mannn there were loads of hair care products apart from just shampoo and conditioner (which we think are the only ones meant for hair). I got to know that the best of all was Hair Scrub which is usually applied to the scalp; removes all the dead cells, opens pores which in turn can increase hair growth (good for UAE expats who complain about hair fall all the time). According to the beauty expert, hair care routine should be:

  1. Hair Scrub – described above
  2. Oil – our usual rituals
  3. Shampoo – our usual rituals
  4. Conditioner – our usual rituals
  5. Hair Mask – different type of masks are available, to be washed off after 10 minutes
  6. Hair Spray – to get voluminous hair

The kiosk also contained hair styling products, Hair Straightening Ceramic brush caught my attention though because of its easy-to-use feature.

Booth adjacent to it was ‘Korean House‘ displaying products from a newly introduced Korean brand ‘Tonymoly‘ in Sephora. This stall became E’s favorite instantly and rightly so because the packaging of stuff was too cute comprising lips shaped balms, Panda shaped creams and Bunny themed mists- totally irresistible.

Skincare Studio‘ was lined up after that, I got a nice hand massage with Sephora Hand Mask from one of the masseurs; thoroughly enjoyed it. My hands were feeling so good after that, I am definitely going to get some hand masks in future. E also wanted the massage, she got it too and loved it. Everyone likes getting pampered 😀

After the massage session, feeling great!


Beauty Hub‘ was the following segment where national makeup artist Kimberly Pongos was scheduled to give live demo but I missed it since it was 9 o’ clock already.

This is what I got to see at the demo :p

I walked up to the cash counter with the thought to collect goody bag but to my utter disappointment they were all finished too (Hawww, i so wanted to get my hands on those freebies 😦 too bad). One revealing lesson I learnt in this event among all other informative ones is ‘Better to grab your free stuff beforehand, it doesn’t last long‘ and it can be applied universally to every single free commodity. 😉

Actually the goody bag picture was supposed to be inserted here but since I didn’t get one so this is what you have to see :p
Tried to act funky at the Photo Booth (failed miserably.. lol) :p

This was about it, I was not able to get ample amount of pictures to share since E was with me all the time and she required surveillance more than anything else. Hope you enjoyed reading the post with less pictures and more information. Drop in a comment below if you need to ask anything regarding it. All in all, this was a good encounter – Sephora visits are always worthwhile!

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