Nowhere Else but Home!

It’s been a month since the blog is launched and woah, what an awe-inspiring month it has been. Truly a roller coaster ride i must say. For one whole loooong month I was busy making memories of lifetime, visiting eye-catching glorious sites but now after getting all tanned, tired, weary and exhausted i truly feel like going back home. No other place on the planet comforts you except your own home, trust me. Now i understand the feeling of going back home is ecstatic. Sharing blurry sandy pictures of the awesomatic view from my apartment window, took these shots when i observed some kinda sandstorm (which is quite common in UAE) while i was busy packing for the trip. Expecting much better weather now though.

I was not getting enough time and energy to write during the past few weeks that is why I just felt like writing something, anything on the blog today. Those who have been following the blog, my live sessions on Facebook page and Instagram photos must know the places I have been to. And the ones who don’t have any clue what am I talking about? man, you need to check out the stated social media platforms to get an idea whats in store. Those shares and sessions were just trailers to the upcoming blockbusters. So stay with me peeps and brace yourself for a ton of extraordinary jaw dropping beauty-full posts. I am wayyy too excited to share each and every detail with you all.

Going to catch my flight back home in 2 days with E baby ALONE this time (freaking out already). HI is already back to Dubai a week before (work commitments you see :p). Wish me all the luck guys, I am badly hoping that the pleasant experience of last long haul flight which i have shared with you all earlier prevails… lol *fingers crossed*. You can access my thoughts on that pleasant experience here (just in case).

Also, the Facebook page has hit 500+ likes on the first monthsary which is quite overwhelming. Keep liking, enjoying and sharing the content guys.

Over and out for now!

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