6 Reasons Why I LOVE Spending Eid with Family

‘Eid’- the word itself is so cheerful and euphoric, let alone the festival. I literally take it as a present from Almighty Allah for the good deeds (we try to do) and timely prayers (we try to offer) throughout the month of Ramadan. Eid has always been a time which I look up to, wait for and prepare for since forever. Back in the days of my childhood, I used to Continue reading “6 Reasons Why I LOVE Spending Eid with Family”

17 “Must-Go” Places to See in South New Zealand

I am so excited about this particular summary post, Reason – this post contain insights about some of the very best days of our trip. New Zealand is more beautiful as compared to Australia, I had already concluded that from our visit of North island’s part of the country but it is wayyyy more arresting and heavenly, this is what I deduced as soon as we set foot on South island. No second thoughts about that AT ALL! Continue reading “17 “Must-Go” Places to See in South New Zealand”

6 reasons why I LOVE spending Ramadan in Dubai

The holy month of Ramadan is here, it is a month of stealing those numerous blessings and godsend gifts by doing simple acts of praying and kindness. The harder you’ll work to achieve those favours, the luckier you’ll get. I won’t be talking about the ways to earn those rewards, there is no science behind that and everybody know the drill. Continue reading “6 reasons why I LOVE spending Ramadan in Dubai”