Weekly Beauty Classes at SEPHORA

Hey pretty girls,
I am here with an exciting news, keep reading and you’ll find out what is in store for you. 🙂

I have been asked lots and lots of times that how do I get invites for Sephora events about which I post often. I am a member of their Loyalty Card Programme as I have stated earlier (you can read about it here) hence the invites.

But the beauty classes I am going to talk about are FREE and for ANYONE and EVERYONE irrespective of the fact that you have got the subscription of their loyalty programme or not. Yesss, i am not joking! 😀 Isn’t that an amazing news?

All you have to do is just go to the respective stores at the times on which they conduct class (the relevant information is at the end of post), let them know that you are interested and voila, you get a seat (the seats are limited in every session).

What Happens in the class?

  1. You pick the products you want to use during the class from anywhere in the store – That way you get to try the stuff you are eyeing to buy (Best part) 😉
  2. You do the makeover on your own by following tips and tricks the instructor is teaching you – such a great opportunity for beginners.
  3. There is an attendant right next to you to help you throughout the class – I love the way they handle their customers, always!
  4. You can ask as many questions you want – they make sure you are not left behind at any stage.
  5. At the end, you are asked to fill up a feedback form to share your experience.
  6. There are chocolates for you! ❤

How did I get to know about it?

I had literally no idea about it, wasn’t really planning to go Sephora that day. I had to visit my friend at her house instead but things got dragged, I got late and I asked my friend to meet me at the mall. There we bumped into this class and as beauty addicts we couldn’t resist it at all. (yea, you got me here… lol)

My Experience

As you all know the protocol by now, I’ll be talking with pictures in this section.

Following are the items I picked to use during the class:

My side of table

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our teacher Gabriel, loved the way he explained all the tips and made sure we are with him at all times
Myla, she was at my side throughout the class and helped me alot. Thanks girl :*
Me, Kristina (the pretty girl who took and shared all those pictures while we were busy playing with makeup during class, Thanks loads 🙂 ) and Nida (my friend who is a phenomenal MUA and beauty blogger at Nida’s Beauty Bag)

There was another girl who assisted me to hand-pick all the above mentioned products, I forgot to get a shot with her. But that was really nice of her to help me with everything.

Details About the Class

Time: 3 pm

When & Where:
Every Mondays at Sephora Dubai Mall and Sephora Mirdif City Center
Every Tuesdays at Sephora Mall of the Emirates

P.S: This information is true to the best of my knowledge. Please don’t blame me if they change the timings or days after sometime nor do I have any idea about the pre-booking or reservation of seat in the class. 

All the best you beauties, look lovely and stay beautiful always! 🙂

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