Sephora Kaleido Lips Event

This post is throwback to the subject event I attended on November 2, 2016 at Mall of Emirates.

One of the best things about living in UAE is you can visit¬†SEPHORA (the makeup heaven) any day you want. Being a woman (read girl, that‚Äôs more like it lol), makeup is one of my loves. As a result of which I ended up subscribing for ‚ÄėWhite‚Äô loyalty card from Sephora, which soon was upgraded to ‚ÄėBlack‚Äô with quite a lot of purchases (yes, I spent a lot. Ask my husband HI :p). I am now entitled to their exclusive event invites after that ‚Äėpromotion‚Äô. That is how I got the invite in case you are wondering how I got one.
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