Mommies’ Day Out – A Day in Snow!

Last week one of my BFF Alina was here from Pakistan for vacations, we were meeting after monthsss. This made me remember the times when we used to meet daily in university, the moments in which we joked about visiting each other’s home with family in future. Never realized that we are living in future now, this is the very time we used to discuss while sitting in those corridors outside our class. Time flies by so quickly, we have known each other for more than a decade now (Gosh I feel so old looking down the memory lane – older and wiser though).

We Being ‘Bad Moms’ *devil emoji*

So we both decided to ditch our babies for a day by locking them up with our hubbies at home and party outside ALONE, just like we used to do back in our care-free university days. The idea itself was so enthralling that it got us both all excited. We planned to watch a movie first then go and dive into the snow at Ski Dubai in Mall of the Emirates. Being a Karachiite, I had always wanted to experience snow but was not able to because of so many reasons (HI was not much interested, E is always with us – no body is available to babysit her) so when i found Alina keen enough to check it out, i was like yesss i got my partner. :p

Plan of the Day

We booked 2 o’clock show of the movie ‘Dangal‘ at VOX MOE on Friday (since that was the only day HI could babysit E). Left home at about 1:30 pm after settling the babies with their fathers, gave them ample amount of food, with lots of advice for the day (yes, we fulfilled all our duties and made sure they will be fine without us) and wished them good luck (that is what they needed the most… haha). Reached the cinema on time, exact at 2 pm (we are so punctual… yo). The movie wasn’t started yet, we got our popcorn bucket meanwhile the ads were going on. The movie actually began at 2:30 pm (we were forced to watch whole lot of advertisements :-/ not fair).

About Dangal


The movie itself was really good based on a true story with little punch lines (those would’ve been too hard to insert in that ‘oh so serious’ type of plot) . I loved the idea conveyed through the movie; “Nothing in the world is impossible to achieve with constant hard work, determination and focus“. Amir Khan is such a fine actor, his movies are always a safe watch. The only drawback was duration which was 170 mins, so longgg man. But all is well that ends well, the girl got gold medal at the end and we came out smiling from the cinema. It was a good watch.

in the cinema

Sephora Visit in between

We at Sephora

Next up was The Ski for which we both were way too excited. But Sephora was on our way so we ended up entering in, we just can’t resist it. Bought some stuff, collected my loyalty card gifts which were due since long and then we headed straight down to our desired destination ignoring the urge to have a cup of coffee because we were running late.

Ski Dubai – Mall of the Emirates

Upon reaching the snow park, we purchased our Polar Pass which costs around 250 AED per person but we got 2 in the same price since I have got Entertainer BOGO vouchers :D. There are some other types of passes too, you can check out the pricing and description here. We also had to rent a locker to keep our belongings, paid additional 30 AED for that. Got our ski dresses, shoes and gloves on and we were all set to raid the snow.

There are total 3 rides for adults (Tobogganing, tubing, and bobsled rides – snow bullet is the best of all) which you can enjoy unlimited number of times on the Polar Pass as long as you are not frozen. A chair lift tour which you can catch once, it takes you all the way to top from where you can watch skillful skiers sloping down the snow. We both initially thought that we’ll go multiple times on each ride but the cold (temperature was -2 degree) became unbearable after spending 1.5 hrs inside. We both dropped the idea of trying the rides multiple times and concluded that we should find our way out before we turn blue. We went on each ride once, took lots of pictures, played in the snow ( I threw lots of snow balls on Alina and she managed to throw only one :p) and had lots of fun. Check out the pictures and random video I made:

Following are my concluding remarks – ‘words of wisdom‘ on the snow park:

  1. It is not worth it, 250 AED is way too much for those 3-4 rides and one can’t stay inside for long considering the cold atmosphere. But if you have got any deal or voucher than you should experience it.
  2. Watch out for your cell phones,Mobile phones stop working in extreme cold reason being when the battery becomes too cold, the phone may turn off. While the natural reaction may be to immediately hit the power button and try to turn the phone back on, that is a terrible idea- DON’T DO THAT; Mine remain fine alhamdulillah (Thank God) but we came across a girl whose phone stopped working because of chill and it was not just any phone, it was an iPhone.
  3. There are no pockets in the snow dress so you better think twice before taking your phones or any other stuff inside, may be if 2-3 persons are going with you only one of you who has got pockets (in their pants/trousers) can take it along. Otherwise, it’ll be difficult to roam around.
  4. They give you wrist bands and a card which is required to scan before entering queues for rides or sometimes they’ll ask you to show it randomly. You will need to take care of it as well. I dropped mine somewhere, it was too difficult to hold everything specially when your hands are numb. Thank God, they were satisfied with my wrist band though.
  5. If you feel vey cold normally then I’d suggest to take your Thermal gloves along because the gloves they provide there are not good enough to block the cold much.

Dinner Expedition

At last we saw our hubbies and babies waving at us from outside, we joined them in no time because we were unable to stand that cold anymore. And this was the time I and Alina, we both were starving VERY BADLY. We discussed dinner options and SoHo grill got unanimous votes. Loved their steaks, may be because we were famished but they tasted delicious.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy faces after consuming food

Picture is not over yet – Park Mania

The day wasn’t over yet, we took the kids to park afterwards. Nobody could differentiate between us and the babies, we went crazy there as well, check out for yourself below. Enjoyed the kids’ see saw like never before. We were so high that day, had such an amazing fun filled day.


Special Thanks Para

All the credit goes to fathers who volunteered to babysit and encouraged us to carry out our plan. All thanks to you boys, that was so thoughtful; much appreciated 🙂 – *Imagine us giving a long ‘thank you speech‘ and a big round of applause to you*. And by the way, the babies did not give them hard time at all. They enjoyed a movie after putting the them to sleep at home. A win-win situation for all!

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