Too Faced Sweet Peach Master Class – Makeup Basics

‘Exclusive Invitation to Masterclass’- these words are enough to lure me into clicking the ‘RSVP now‘ button and the subsequent sentence ‘You will also get a special gift!‘ acts as a catalyst… who doesn’t like free stuff? lol. By the way I am super late in posting about this event, you all must have an idea how busy I was during the last month with my in-laws. Better late than never! So here it goes…

The class was held on 23rd February at Sephora, City Walk by a leading global and professional MUA from UK, Patricia Cuesta. She is originally from Spain hence the Spanish accent in video below, in case you will wonder. This was the second time I was attending her class, the last class was about Contouring and it was too damn informative. This was one of the reasons to hit RSVP now (apart from the above stated greedy reasons.. Haha *devil laugh*). The purpose of class was to unveil the new Sweet Peach collection from Too Faced and demonstrate the possible usage of the newly launched palettes.

I got my seat booked in second session of the day which was scheduled from 4-5 pm, though I was interested in the third one but it was full already. Yes the class gets booked instantly, if you are late in sending your response then you don’t even get a call from them. You guys are reading about an exclusive master class buddies, how lucky!
Anyways, I reached there on time. All thanks to HI who is my knight in shining armour always, he came early from office and dropped me there at 4 dot. 😀

Lets just cut the crap and jump onto the main part without wasting more words… lol

The Class

After the mandatory intro part was over, Patricia showed us her way of dressing the face. She also told us some kickass tips and tricks for common makeup problems, which I’ll be covering along with the step by step walk-through of her approach to Water-Proof Makeup in the following section.

Your face should be clean and moisturised with your usual cream or lotion.

1. Eyes
  • Prime the eyes with eye primer
  • Mix some of the primer with your powder eye shadow and apply it onto the lids while it is wet – This trick will make your eye makeup WATER PROOF
  • Apply it using one side of your eye shadow brush. Check out the pictures below to get an idea how to hold the brush for proper application
  • Blend it in circles using the other clean part of the brush
  • Apply the transition color
  • Draw a clean winged line using a liner
  • Leave the Mascara till the end

Trick to avoid watery eyes: Gently massage inner corner area which is close to tear duct with the tip of brush i.e. hard end of brush. Your eyes will feel better 🙂

2. Face
  • Prime the face
  • Apply Foundation by going downwards in the direction of facial hair using blender or brush, whichever you are okay with
  • Sandwich Trick – For Concealing and Correcting: The concealer acts as bread and orange/peach color eyeshadow is treated as jam in the sandwich trick. Apply concealer, roll it in then apply the eyeshadow as corrector, blend it and apply the concealer again.
  • Set the concealer with Tissue Paper Trick: Set one ply of the tissue paper under your eye using two fingers, load your brush with white eyeshadow or setting powder and dab it over the tissue paper. Tada… You are done! (see video below for demonstration)
3. Contour

She did not cover the contouring part in this class since she was giving Peachy Fresh Look to the model.

Contouring is a separate topic altogether, she has conducted a class on the subject skill before as well. Let me know in comments below if you guys want me to put that into words.

4. Blush
  • First, she gave peachy glow to the model’s face using Too Faced highlighting palette’s face highlighter by applying it all over the face. (we normally don’t do that, this glow shade is only available in Too Faced palette, this was one reason I was about to fall for the palette… lol)
  • Apply blush on your cheeks in criss cross motion of brush, this will give you more fresh look. (Check out the video below for exact points of application)
5. Highlight
  • Highlight the high points and areas which you want to bring into attention of the onlookers.
    The points are generally Cheekbones, Brow bone, Cupid’s bow (not the philtrum), Nose bridge and tip.
  • For Intense Highlighting: Apply a little primer over the highlighted areas you want to get intense look and when it is still wet re-apply the highlighter. The results are noticeable and instantaneous, seriously!
6. Mascara
  • Apply the Mascara generously. Inside outwards and upwards while looking down as well. (Did not get it? Lol, it’s a little messed up in words. Check out the video for proper demonstration)

Embedding below the collection of Instagram stories I shared the day class was commenced. This is not a proper demo video but you will get an idea about what I have written up there. Drop in your questions in the comments below, if any. I’d love to answer 🙂

And here are some pictures from the day featuring their newly introduced products too

There is no right way or wrong way to do makeup, there is only YOUR way. Just Do it!

Look beautiful, feel confident my lovelies ❤

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