Sephora Excessive Colors Event – DARE TO TRY

DARE TO EXPERIMENT – Yes you read it right! This is the Sephora theme this month, they have started this monthly theme kinda trend which is pretty exciting. Every month I find myself looking forward to the email regarding their theme of the month and honestly, I am pretty much hooked to the idea. And then they host an event subsequently which is always worth attending.

This month was all about Dare to try excessive colors and get dazzled by the outcome at Sephora. Personally, I am quite fond of trying out new ideas but usually don’t get enough time to materialize the concepts and most of the plans die down after some time (I know that is too bad 😦 ). Anyhow, I got electrified upon receiving the invite *as always*, the idea appealed me so much and I RSVP-ed it as soon as I read the email even though I had plenty of things lined up and was having a pretty busy week already.

Sephora MOE

The event was scheduled on Wednesday February 15th, 2017 between 5-9 pm at Sephora Mall of the Emirates. This meant that I can reach the venue on time through my favourite public transport and E is gonna accompany me again; I was prepared for it completely. But HI entered into the scene as my knight in shining armour once again and called me to inform that he can come early from work and will babysit E at home while I can go and have a blast on my own. That was such a mood lifter call I tell you; I got ready, put E to sleep for her daily afternoon nap and caught metro to MOE.


The Event:

I reached the venue at about 5:30 pm; the girls at entrance welcomed me warmly, handed over the check list, wrist band exclusively for the attendees and an excessive colors booklet, first page of which said “Let’s Celebrate Makeup“- sounds invigorating, no? :D!


The booklet has 6 bold and vibrant looks ranging from high gloss to extreme matte with all the detailed instructions to achieve 3 of those vivacious makeup dressed faces yourself as well. Let me list down the looks’ names:

  1. Graphic Effect
  2. Smokey Explosion
  3. Excessive Rainbow
  4. Intense Red Lips
  5. Drama Dark Lips
  6. Sensational Pink Lips
The Event Listings

As I moved forward; I asked Saleha (one of the beauty helpers at Sephora MOE) to help me out, she offered me a seat and asked me to choose one of the looks from booklet which she will then apply on my face. Excessive rainbow caught my attention at first but since I had to go somewhere else after the event I settled for Graphic effect, which is one bomb look too! She painted the entire look expertly on my eyes in hardly 10 minutes, that was too quick mannn and it looked kickassss, I loveddd it ❤ . Scroll down to ‘Get the look‘ section to get the look 😉

The beauty counter ❤ and the look which I chose is right at the bottom left 
Saleha’s makeup counter


Refreshments were being served to the attendees constantly, I enjoyed coffee while Saleha was busy giving me the look at the makeup counter.


In the second part, I had to check out makeup products by any of the following brands and get a ‘tick’ on the checklist before proceeding towards the cash counter to collect my goodie bag and get picture at the graffiti wall.


I casually walked up to NARS and the girl at the station redid my blush which intensified the overall look.

This is how I looked afterwards 😀

I then headed towards the Sephora back drop standee to get a picture by the professional photographer. She was too sweet to take multiple shots until I was satisfied with one and gave me the hard copy afterwards. I collected the goodie bag as soon as I was done with all the prerequisites – my experience of last time made me grab it asap… Lol (remember what happened last time with my goodie bag? No? Read it out here).

These are different pictures I got in hard copy… yayyy 😀

This was the time I was done with the event – in about half an hour or so but I was not willing to leave this makeup paradise as this was one of those rare instances when E was with her father so I decided to stay back and wait for my friend who was on the way. In the meantime, I adored the painter’s skills – the ease and confidence with which he was splashing different colors at the canvas… phenomenal! I realized, this was the actual graffiti wall at which the attendees were to be photographed.

This is what he started off with and end result was a fantastic piece of art which is visible in my portrait photographs *amazing*
The artist’s magic wands

Next I proceeded towards the Demo section where a demo was being conducted to play with vibrant and lively colors to get one of those glam looks on your face.

Nida (the friend whom I was waiting for, she is a beauty blogger too) came into view and I accompanied her all the way from attaining the look to getting photographed and collecting the goodie bag. I got some pictures with the graffiti wall again… *bonus* yesss 😀 All thanks to the photographer!

Nida and me, posing for the picture 😀

Get the Look – Graphic Effect

  • Prep your skin with moisturizer
  • Prime the eye with any eye-primer
This is the eye-shadow primer at left she applied to my eyes and that blue liner at right is the one she used afterwards
  • Use a blue eye-liner and draw a thick winged line
the thick winged line 
  • Fill the inner portion of eye-lid with blue eye-shadow
The eye shadow she used to fill my lid
  • Apply layers of mascara to the top and bottom lashes to make your eyes look wider.
  • Apply lipstick

Tadaaa… you are done!

The Goodie Bag

This is the most tempting part of any Sephora event, you take away a goodie bag full of sample size delightful candies from participating brands. Look what I got in my goodie bag this time 😀

My candies ❤

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

HI took some pretty shots of my makeup when we came back home, sharing some below 😀

This was it from my side on the subject event. If you want to know how I get these invites, read out the secret at the link.

Lets see what they have in store for the upcoming month. Can you guess what their theme will be up next? I am way too excited to find out as well 😀

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