Great Ocean Road – Stunning Lookouts Day 03

This was such a beauty-full day; witnessed spectacularly eye-catching sights the whole day. I was woken up around 5 am by E’s voice, she had fallen ill and i had to attend her. Once she was settled again in the bed with HI, I woke Bushra up, grabbed our cardigans and went out to experience the sunrise of Apollo Bay. Unfortunately, the sky was covered with clouds so we couldn’t see the sunrise which would have been ‘the highlight of day’ but still it was an amazing encounter. I did a small live session from there too. You can watch it here

Observation Deck, Apollo Bay Beach at dawn

We checked out of our lovely homelike villa at about 11 am after having scrumptious breakfast at the terrace, it was such a refreshing start of the day (apart from E’s tantrums, she was unwell hence not eating anything at all). Went straight down to the beach which was inviting us ever since we checked in.

The beautiful setting just across the road of our accommodation
Path way towards beach… Faiz Khalu was E’s latest favorite that time
Apollo Bay Beach

It was getting hot so we headed towards our next destination “Mariners Lookout“. This was one of THE BEST lookouts we explored. We had to walk about 15-20 mins up the hill (with E and her stroller) in order to observe what was in store for us. But the moment we reached there, we completely forgot the long ramp walk. It was breathtakingly amazing! No words can describe the striking beauty of that view at all. See for yourself, even pictures didn’t do justice to the awe-inspiring scene. I came live from there too, watch the session on this link.

Walking up the hill towards Mariner’s Lookout
the rocky adventurous way to the top
The Point
Right side of the scene
Left side of the Scene
Me and HI posing together 😉
Posing at the top :p

After inhaling the crispy fresh air of Mariner’s Lookout we hit the GOR once again and headed towards an unknown destination, we decided to stop at the next lookout on the way. which was “Scenic Lookout” to be exact.

Posers US
Sister goals (one is missing here)
The Scenic lookout

Spotted “Kennett River” signs along the road and turned the car towards it.

Angle 1 of the river
Angle 2 of the river

Next on the list was “Sheoak Falls“; we parked the car and walked about 20-25 mins which was a mixture of stairs, rocky grounds  and grass. Check out video clip of the stunning falls.

Way towards Falls
Captivating view on the way
another angle of the view enroute falls
My unwell baby :-*
The Falls (lighting conditions were too bad when we reached there)
Papa and baby enjoying at the falls

We kept on beholding pleasing panoramas until the clock ticked 6th hour. Though we were snacking all the way but were starving by now and we wanted REAL food. Lorne was up next so we decided to stop there and have some food since it was relatively a bigger seaside town than others. Luckily we found Halal food options there; enjoyed pizza, shawarma wraps and grilled chicken (I would have fainted had we not found halal food there. Yea, i am such a ‘bhooki‘ i mean foodie :p ).  After stuffing ourselves with mouth-watering nutriments, we were all energized to catch sight of “Teddy’s Lookout“. Drove up the hill and surveyed the arresting Upper and Lower Landings of the said observation post.

Upper Landing
Lower Landing
Me in View 😛
The ‘adventurous’ Group

It was about sunset and we were all overtired too. Thus we chose to call it a day since Samina people had to go back to Shepparton (which was about 2.5 hr away from there) and the drive was risky after nightfall as I’ve mentioned in my last post. From there we moved towards Melbourne and checked in to ‘Mercure Welcome Melbourne Hotel‘ located in China Town, CBD and slept all the way to morning.

Find out about other major attractions of Melbourne city in the forthcoming post.
Stick around 🙂

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