OOTD – 1 Garb 2 Guises :D

What a fancy name I have chosen for this post! Isn’t it? *insert a cool emoji with sunglasses here* I was just trying to use different words and these two impressed me much to be there at the top 😉 . In simple words I am attempting to state that I wore the same piece of shirt twice with distinct looks each time.

ootd3 25
These are the items you are going to see me wearing later in the post

Remember I told you all that I have got tons of new and exciting stuff to share? This is one of them. I have loads of data (pictures and videos to be exact) lying patiently in my gallery waiting for their turn to be shared on the blog. I have been saving piles of ideas and material over the course of last couple of months while we were busy relocating.

This post was planned way before – you can spot ‘The Burj’ in it (the evidence.. lol), but due to the reasons I have been reciting time and again (sorry about that, I will try to stop mentioning those now) I was unable to compile and draft it.

Lets first discuss the things which are common in both the appearances.


I purchased it randomly while browsing through Nishat Linen store back in Dubai. I personally avoid getting Pakistani/ Desi stuff from any other countires but that was an unusual day. It was on 25% sale, I was kinda in need of a kurti or something (we women are always in need of one, i know… lol) and also, because yellow is my all-time favourite colour; these excuses were good enough to buy it and I did. :p

Fabric: Linen
Feel: Soft/ Comfortable
Price: It was around AED 70-80 ( Don’t remember exactly, I am so bad at recalling prices)

Eyeshadow Palette

Experimented both the looks with Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette. This is the only eye palette I have at the moment (yes, you read it right dude) and I am able to achieve so many diverse looks with it (used the same palette to wear on Eid, check it out here). Laaaaaving it totallyyyy!! ❤

Anyways, Let me flaunt some of my stupid-audacious poses. Look out for more details below the photos.

  Look # 1

Pants: GAP
Scarf: Crossroads – Gift from Ammi ❤
Clutch: Accessorize (From my ‘Jahaiz’ collection)
Sandals: Charles & Keith

Makeup Closeys:

Look # 2

Tights: Khaadi
Scarf: Crossroads
Clutch: Don’t remember, it’s also from my ‘Jahaiz’ reserve :p
Heels: Fitrite (From ‘Jahaiz’ collection)

Makeup Closeys:

And that’s all about it. Hope you enjoyed scrolling through the post.

Until Next Time 🙂

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