In & Around Sydney – Trip Of Lifetime (Final Days)

Sydney has got loads of tourist attractions which include Madame Tussauds, Sealife aquarium, Luna Amusement park etc etc but they really did not appeal us in any way – We have been to the Madame Tussauds in Malaysia, have visited Dubai Aquarium & underwater zoo and have ridden the world’s fastest roller coaster at Ferrariworld as well. That is why we were not keen to expend again on the same kinda activities there in Sydney.

However, Opera House and Harbour bridge were the showstoppers for us in every way, loved visiting them again and again – we were not left with much choices you see :p lol. But yeah, they are sights to see for sure!

One thing that we have not done in our lives yet is skydivingggg.
It is hell expensive there in Dubai plus their calendars are always too full in case you find yourself willing to spend that much money one day. So you just cannot stand up and go for it any weekend there. The charge for the same is relatively less there in Sydney though, so we decided to JUMP! Sydney20 3

Remember my Ammi and younger sister were visiting my one-more-younger-sister Samina there in Aussie land? (You can read and recollect the memory here because I know it’s been a while) They also reached Sydney to join us for the life-risking-JUMP (exaggerating much I know :P).

Excited and a little nervous about the experience we reached the location, got ourselves registered and waited for the announcement commencing the said adventure – BUTTT as there is always a twist in our stories, there was one waiting for us at the Diving Centre too; the sky was full of clouds and it was raining that day. We waited and waited for the skies to get clear but guess that was not going to happen that day. We took some pictures and came back unsuccessful.

Sydney20 6

We had one more spare day with us in Sydney so we rescheduled our booking to the next day and kept our fingers crossed. But the other morning was all wet and cloudy as well. All our plans were RAIN-WASHED. Rain never looked this much depressing to us 😦 Better luck next time, probably.

After wasting our last 2 days, it was now time for HI to leave for Dubai. I had planned to stay back for one more week with my family there. Samina had chalked out our plan for the rest of the days. The first day we went to Wollongong which is a coastal city about 1.5 hour drive away from Sydney.

The day was hot, humid and super sunny (we were all like ‘Well played Rain’.. lol) but the place was so serene and peaceful. We had a great time exploring the whole area. A breathtaking beach stretch with rock pools spread across the shore, a harbour ahead and numerous play areas for kids. And you can also catch sights of pelicans there. Perfect place to hang out for a day!

Sharing some of the shots I took there

The other side of Light House…

Wollongong Harbour below…

Caught this pelican in my lens at the beach side of Harbour – best shots of the day! Aren’t they? 😉

I also came live on my Facebook page from there as well, the session was a little interrupted though. Check it out below:

We were munching throughout the day but hunger struck us around evening because no matter how lovely the place is in front of the eye, the stomach wants REAL FOOD! lol. So, we fed KCC’s (King’s Chargrill Chicken) burgers to our rumbling tummies.
Beware: Keep your food out of sight of those seagulls or else you will have to share your meal with them. We did! Hahaha

After that the kids enjoyed some more time playing in the park before we headed our cars towards home at sunset.

The pictures are taken just before settling into the car. Look at those mesmerizing colorful scenes ❤

Came home and hit the bed right away that day.

The next day, I went to Opera House and Harbour bridge yet again for the LAST time in that trip (lol… that was too much of those two landmarks) before leaving for Shepparton where I just relaxed and enjoyed quality family time with my mother, sisters and the newest member of our family – Inaaya laddoo ❤

This sums up the last few days of our trip FINALLYYYY! Lol. This was the loooongest vacation ever I know *facepalm*

I had a great time relishing these beautiful memories while penning down all the details for you guys, will be drafting the summary post for Sydney soon – I have some secret hacks and awesome recommendations for the ones who are about to travel there 😉 So watch out for that!


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