Let’s Chinwag!

Hey peeps,

Wassup. Hope you guys are doing well. This looks like a boring fake letter we used to write during our school days in Grammar classes. Isn’t it? :p I shall not make it one!

First things first, let me clarify the post’s heading – ‘Chinwag‘ is just a shiny word for chat, I am not going to share any wagging/exercise routine for your chin here. Not at all! :p

Ok, enough PJs for the day. Let’s get down to business…

October has started, in fact we are almost done with one-third of it and I haven’t even started sharing the tons of content I have (which is apparently resting in peace) in my blog’s (local) folder. With E’s term break, I am also legally experiencing an LLB (Lazy-Laid-Back) period. I really need to get over with it now.

The ‘Trip Of Lifetime‘ series has come to an end finally (just one summary post remaining); So, what’s next?

I am now planning to start 2 brand-new series which I am pretty sure you are gonna laaaaave <3. Why? Because I am lovin’ it too 😀

Let me shed some light on each of them one by one:

The first one is so stem-winding and exciting I tell you, we’ll call it ‘Mission Renovation‘. As the name implies, it is all about decorating our very first home here in Wellington with the limitations and reservations – that I am gonna discuss later on.

Renovating your home is such fun and challenging at the same time, one has to make difficult choices and decide wisely – we’ll talk about all this in detail.  I’ll be sharing the ideas I have in mind and you guys will have to help me out in case I need any. Will you? 😉

This is our Home Sweet Home mashaa Allah ❤

The other one is about the house help I have here *wink*. The name I have chosen for the same is ‘My Macho Maids‘. I am not going to reveal much about this one right now, you’ll find out what is in store once I’ll share my first post of the series… *poorly trying to build up suspense* lol

Personally, I am pretty excited about these two. Are you?

Also, pinning some latest pictures from my phone gallery below for no reason.

went to Petone Beach yesterday for a short stroll
Beach with special effects 😉
The pathway leading towards beach
And this is a picture from my front yard just before the sun was about to set today ❤

This is all for today, watch out for the above mentioned series guys apart from the usual exciting stuff that I have lined up for this month.

Have a good start of the week 🙂

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