‘The Before’: Living & Dining – Mission Renovation

We found this newly constructed modern house after the excessive and extensive search which included viewing countless houses every day in almost every possible area of Wellywood. Guess I will rant about the house hunting issues some other time. Today, I am quite excited about sharing the very first post in ‘Mission Renovation’ series (I have talked about it here). Yayyy

Although it is just the ‘Before’ part still I feel thrilled to show you around the most vital part of our house. Also, we still are working hard on the ‘After’ part but I am pretty sure we are gonna reach there soon inshaa Allah.

A little background before we get started. As this is our very first house here in New Zealand, we literally had nothing to shift; no bed, no couch, not even a chair. Apart from a couple of cargo boxes that contained our clothing and kitchen items only, The house was all empty. We even slept on the floor during the first few nights. Thank God our cargo arrived on time and we had necessary items to survive in the super cold long winter nights. You know what the best part was? The whole house was brand new, freshly built and it was a love at first sight for me 😉

Let’s start this series with the most important and biggest room of the house, guys.

Living area2

This my friends is our living plus dining area at the end of which is my open plan kitchen positioned (not extending the post till that part for now). The door at far left serves as the main entrance which means anyone who comes to our house enters in this very room. This hall is definitely the first impression for anyone who enters into our home.

The room gets plenty of sunlight and fresh air on a usual sunny day. At the extreme right, there is this massive sliding door which opens to the patio – visible in the picture as well. The curtains are also provided by our landlord hence the pre-installation.

Living area4

And this is another picture, a rather unattractive one from our initial days in the house when we were in the process of unpacking and hadn’t even bought a vacuum cleaner *facepalm* lol

Also, there are some limitations associated with the whole process since this is the rental property. We cannot:

  • Customize the walls; re-paint or stick wallpaper according to our choice
  • Drill a single nail in the wall

This is it with the ‘Before’ part of this huge room, cannot wait to share the ‘After’ post with you guys. I myself can’t wait to get the job done as soon as possible. Eeeeee 😀

Finishing the post with some of these latest captures from the patio.

Living area6

Enjoyyy 🙂

5 thoughts on “‘The Before’: Living & Dining – Mission Renovation

  1. multiculturaledit

    Wow your living room is soacious and I love huge windows and natural sun light. I can feel you on the part of making many customized changes in the house. I live in USA and fac the same issue. Lot of drilling is not allowed and neither can you change the wall paint.
    Cant wait to see your after.

    Liked by 1 person

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