Little Things That Count!

This was the first ever formal (or let’s say most-expensive) dinner we have had here in New Zealand (up till now) after the herculean step of switching countries. If you have been following the blog since past couple of months then you must have an idea that we did not get a chance to celebrate our big days this year because of all the BIG changes taking place in our lives lately (you can have a look/ recall the instances on these links –> Nikahversary and Wedding anniversary). And to be honest I was not expecting much for my birthday too; HI was out of town for his work, it was a weekday and above all we were still struggling with settling in our freshly rented home (we still are). But HI was planning for this long-awaited date, he knew that he would not be there on the day so he made all the reservations and preparations beforehand, he was in touch with the restaurant’s owner to make sure everything is up to the mark before we make an entry. He flew back just in time to take me out for the dinner (or you can say asked me to pick him up on the way to restaurant… lol) and we had an amazing time together after ages at Istana Malaysia. The lady who owns the place did an amazing job with all the arrangements. 🙂

29Bday 2

Wait, I am not endorsing the idea of having an expensive meal nor I am trying to state that husbands should be pressurized to take wives on romantic dates more often (We have been cutting rice cakes without exchanging gifts or going on special dinners on our other important days before). So for us, this small celebration was rightly justified. No?

They say if you can’t do great things do small things in a great way! It is the thought that matters… Right?

Let us discuss some of these small things which can be done in a great way, little gestures which a spouse can seek in day-to-day life to establish love and harmony in the house. These ideas are less expensive and their results are long lasting as well. Give it a go, you guys!

What A Husband Can Do?
  • Surprise her with a flower randomly:
    you don’t necessarily need to buy an expensive immaculately wrapped rose. You can pick it up from a bush on your way back home. The element of surprise will do the trick, trust me 🙂
  • Say those 3 magical words “Don’t Cook today:
    These three words possess more power than “I Love You” for a housewife who is all tired and exhausted from the repetitive daily chores. You need not to take her out on a lavish dinner, takeaways will also do. Cast this spell and see the magic instantaneously 😉
  • Make tea/ coffee for her at times:
    The tea/ coffee you’ll make for her will boost a woman’s energy levels to the fullest.
  • Call her anytime of day just for a minute to ask how is she? :
    Just a casual call will brighten up her day and will leave a smile on her face for the whole day 🙂
  • Appreciate her / Encourage Her :
    Don’t just sit there idle and behave like a stupid ignorant being while she takes care of your every single need in best possible way she can. Exchange of thank yous will motivate her to do more with happy heart.
  • Ask her if she needs any help with whatever she is doing :

    Be a gentleman and offer her help with anything she is busy with. It can vary from chopping chores in kitchen to discussing ideas related to her work. Volunteer with house chores/ look after children without even asking. All the house work she does or the encyclopedic tasks she perform for your children are not hers solely. You can lend a hand in all of those, yes indeed!
  • Give her some space to unwind during the day:
    Sometimes leaving her on her own is the best you can do to her. Especially if she is a new mom who is struggling to find some ‘Me’ time during the day. Even a machine needs some downtime let alone a stay-at-home-mom. Do not, I repeat DO NOT ever think that she is partying at home while you are stuck at work.
What A Wife Can Do?

While there are a million ways in which a husband can light up his lady’s day, the only thing that I can think of right now which a woman can do is:

  • COOK her man’s favorite meal:

    Chicken Fajita Burger 2
    These are Chicken Fajita Burgers I made earlier. Click here for the recipe

    This is by far the easiest and most effective way of reaching a man’s heart, trust me. Not only the food but presentation (food and yours both) will earn you full brownie points 😉
    The road to a man’s heart goes through his stomach for sure, even if he is not a foodie… lol

So, these are some prospective aspiring ideas which you can attempt in order to illuminate each other’s days on regular basis without splurging. You are welcome to add up your suggestions in this list which falls under the category of ‘continuous improvement‘. 😀

Most of the times, making someone feel special is what matters the most. You don’t necessarily need to plan a romantic dinner or getaway to do so every time. Sometimes presenting a rose with smile or some words of appreciation do the trick. Small gestures of love outmatch any exorbitant affair – more economical and super effective to be honest 😉

But once in a while try to make your ‘someone’ feel ‘special’ within your limit and reach (take them out on a candle light romantic dinner types evening or plan a getaway :p). This is inevitable indeed! haha :p

Share this with your friends and spouse to let them know how they can spice up your day-to-day life in an instant with these simple and effortless acts. Let us know your strategy in the comments below which you undertake to achieve the desired results so that more people are benefit with your experiences too 😉

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