4 years down (on paper) – Our not-so-happening Nikahversary!

4 years ago, today was the day when I uttered those 3 life changing ‘Gs‘, yes I did not say ‘Maine Qabul Kiya‘ x 3 and settled for ‘Ji‘ only. On the other hand, the nikah khwan maulvi sahab asked HI to sayMaine Qabul Kiya‘ that too on mic… Buahahaha. Imagine so many people listening to you quietly and you have to say these words on a loudspeaker, I always make fun of HI whenever we recall that memory. But deep down I feel so good whenever I recollect that moment, it was like an announcement that Yes, she is mine now! I may sound a little filmy but bear with me. I Loveddd it. (Bollywood vibes :p)

Today marks 4 years of togetherness (on paper.. the rukhsati event took place later on) mashaa Allah and Alhamdulillah. I don’t know where they flew by, It was just like yesterday when I was sitting and waiting for the barat to arrive (yes, they came late :p). But looking at us and E, I realize that this much time has passed by in the blink of an eye…. mashaa Allah.

What I normally do?

I usually start planning and try to prepare for such important days way before but this time I have been really busy with everything else except prepping for the day. Even though  I remember that the day is about to come I was not able to get a gift for him, was not even successful to bake microwave mug cake. :/

What I did this time?

So when he came up and wished me with such beautiful bouquet last night, I thought to do something with the apparatus available in my lab (kitchen). The idea to improvise my Aalu matar qeema and rice into a cake entered into my mind from nowhere. Quickly I layered rice with qeema and assembled those on a cutting board, drew a heart with ketchup and spread Chili Mili all over as toppings, lit up a candle on top. And voila, it was done! Please don’t judge me, this was the best presentation I was able to think of in those 2 minutes time. lol

The Philosophical Thoughts

We blew off the candle together and in that brief moment it dawned on me that it doesn’t really matter whether the cake is sweet or not, you are looking at your best or not, you have exchanged expensive gifts or not. The only thing that counts is the person standing by your side is happy and content with you. Loves you selflessly! The material things don’t guarantee this feeling but the smile on the person looking down at you surely does 🙂

May Allah keep us both happy together forever. Aamin

And they lived happily ever after type feelings 😛 lol

Happy 4th Nikahversary to US ❤


And now I need to go and prepare Iftar for today (this is the consequence of saying those 3 deadly Gs :p hahaha)

Until next time!

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