Our 4th Dependence Day <3

Pakistan’s 70th Independence Day marks the 4th year of our Dependence, mashaa Allah.

4th anniversary

This is an old picture from our trip to Australia where we were killing time while waiting for the weather to become clear for sky diving (which never happened, that’s another story which I will be posting soon on the blog in some of the last few episodes of ‘Trip of Lifetime’ series).

This year’s anniversary is a lot different in so many ways from our previous ones. We have just moved to New Zealand and right now we are on the quest to find a place for us to live (my Snapchat and Instagram buddies must have an idea about it). We did not wish each other at 12 dot because we were fast asleep and dead tired after viewing countless houses the whole day nor do we have any special dinner planned for tonight unlike the past years. We are so occupied with everything else that we can’t even think about chalking out a plan for the day and honestly, I don’t have proper dress to grace the occasion (the cargo stuff is still resting in peace) * insert facepalm*. We casually wished each other in the morning, HI brought a cake and some flowers on his way back from office. THAT IS IT!

We don’t even have anything to light these candles right now :p

The BEST and MAIN part of this anniversary is that we are together and this is what means the MOST!

You don’t really need to plan a surprise or shower your better half with loads of gifts every time. Sometimes, just being there and supporting each other is the *unmatched* gift you can give your other half.

The little things we(spouses) do for each other worth more than grand celebrations. This doesn’t mean that we should not go out, exchange gifts or celebrate the important days; we certainly should! They make us feel even more valued and loved. But these acts of affection should not be the ONLY standard or scale to weigh our happiness. At times less is more! 🙂


We have lifetime to surprise each other and go on fancy dinners for sure inshaa Allah. And by the way we are about to have Aloo Palak for our special dinner tonight! :p Lol

Happy 4th Dependence Day to my partner! :*

& Happy InDependence Day to all Pakistanis ❤

May Allah bless our country and us always. Aamin



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