OOTD – My Eid Look!

I have been away for just a month but feels like I haven’t blogged since forever. Gosh I so missed interacting with you all through this platform. Even though I soooo wanted to write about many things and happenings in between but I seldom get a chance to be myself let alone write a post. But with this post I am planning to bounce back with more new ideas and content. So, brace yourself for a better and brighter reading space you guys 🙂

Ever since we have set foot on this beautiful land of Kiwis; life’s track has changed completely; days are busier than ever but Eid was boring to the core *facepalm*. Irrespective of the fact that this was a ‘get-ready: take-pictures: wash-your-face‘ type of Eid, I really wanted to doll up because I had dressed up properly ages ago. I spent hours in front of the mirror getting ready and this made me happy from within. So basically, I am admitting that I did all this just to feel good – which is THE MOST important thing to be honest. Isn’t it?

I had shopped for mine and E’s Eid dresses and accessories during my last visit to Pakistan and I am so glad that I did. So let’s dig into it without any more delays…

EId 14


After hours of fruitless searching and roaming around the mall, I finally found this embroidered pret wear from Khaadi just when I was about to return home empty handed (not in the literal sense though :p).

This green flared pleated short top caught my attention as soon as I entered the shop and I ended up buying it for Eid when the reflection in trial room impressed me much 😉


The cream colored embroidered sequins cotton pants are from Khaadi as well, bought them instantaneously after the top was in my shopping bag.

Eid 21


The top was available with a net dupatta in store but the material was a turn off for me so the next challenge was to find a scarf that should go well with both of the above mentioned items. Grabbed this flowy yet easily manageable tussle scarf from Sapphire right after emerging successful from Khaadi.

Eid 20


I was literally dying to get my hands on a pair of khussas for Eid-ul-Fitr but somehow I was unable to get those. The need became more acute as time passed by 😛

After asking several friends, I headed towards Saima Mall at Johar and got these very cheap yet trendy looking eye candies at the very last moment i.e. the night we had to board our flight *insert smiling face with sunglasses emoji*

They are not very comfy for long walks though but they satisfy my needs hence the love!

Got one pair for E as well which she loved as soon as she tried them on ❤ (check ’em out below)

And this is me adorning all these pieces on Eid day in Welly’s cold weather 😉

And last but not the least… this is how I showed off my makeup 😀




Eid 24
A closer look of my eye makeup – let me know if you guys want me to share the deets
Eid 10
And finally – An EID picture of US *mashaa Allah*

All is well that looks well :p haha

So this was all about our Eid, let me know how did your Eid go – must have been more happening than ours for sure!

Until next time…

Poroporoaki – That’s ‘Tata’ in Maori  😀

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