OOTD – How I carry Formals!

Hey peeps,

Here I am with an ‘Outfit of the Day‘ post and today I am gonna share one of my most favorite formal wear. Whenever I hear or read the word Formal wear‘, this dress tops the list of choices I usually consider wearing for the event. There are so many reasons why I love this dress, some of them are:

  • The black color makes me look smarter than usual (this is the most obvious one… lol :p)
  • Easy to carry
  • Can pair it with different scarves hence a new look every time
  • Can wear both golden and silver jewelry depending upon the mood and/or scarf

So lets get down to business 🙂




This is not a new one, I got my hands on it around 2 years back while roaming in a mall in Abu Dhabi. I was not in a mood to shop until I saw the word SALE on a shop named Collezione, I randomly entered and fell for this smart looking comfortable piece as soon as it came into the frame of my eyes. Though this was not on sale but it was quite reasonably priced which was one of the reasons that led to the advent of buying this thing.



Pants are also from Collezione, I had finished my shopping and was about to advance towards cash counter but then I bumped into these gorgeous looking straight pants, I wanted something of the sort for the black dress I was already getting from the same shop and they looked perfect with it hence the purchase.



It is from Sapphire Pakistan. I fell in love with it while I was scrolling my Instagram one fine day and the next moment I was sending the picture to my Ammi to grab this for me from one of the outlets in Karachi.


The long necklace is from Aldo UAE which I picked in sale last week. The rings and bangles are of gold from my Jahaiz collection. 😉



I got this from Jafferjees in Pakistan around 4 years ago (yes, it is that old).



These pretty looking heels are again from Aldo UAE. I kinda like Aldo more than any other brand because almost all their shoes are comfy, trendy and affordable.

Now this is me with all the above items 😀

These pictures are taken in yellow light!

These are taken in white light 🙂

Until Next Time,

Look good, Stay good 😉

15 thoughts on “OOTD – How I carry Formals!

  1. Maria I

    Just discovered your blog! Beautiful outfit! Was just curious about the material of this scarf, do you know what it is? Thank you!


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