Quixotic Queenstown – Trip of Lifetime Day 16

Queenstown as it’s name implies is one queenly amazingly heavenly city in the Otago region of South Island, New Zealand. The city sits comfortably in the valley of alpine mountains beside breathtaking lakes. In this post, you are going to witness one of those among many other adventurous activities you can taste in that happening city. So keep reading 😉

After having an incredibly dramatic day at Milford Sound (you can read about it here) we woke up a little late (for Kiwis but quite early for UAE/ desi people though… lol) and we had no idea what to do with our day in this spectacular and chilly city. While I was getting ready HI took some suggestions from receptionist at the ‘Queenstown Holiday Park & Motels Creeksyde‘  (that is where we were staying) and we decided to check out Skyline Queenstown which was some blocks away from our accommodation so we ditched the car and walked up there.

Skyline Queenstown is a scenic Gondola ride all the way up to Bob’s peak from where you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of stunning Lake Wakatipu. Apart from that it offers a multitude of activities for adrenaline junkies from Bungee jumping to Mountain Biking, Zip Lining to Paragliding. And if you are not up for any of these than you can just grab a coffee/drink and stroll through the mountain on dedicated walking tracks taking sneak peeks of the activities going around. I was so up for everything I just stated but we were not able to do any of those since E was with us. HI was pushing me to go for zip lining alone, an offer which I rejected without negotiating because I usually enjoy and prefer doing things with him (such loyal wifey I am… *insert smiley face with halo emoji here* lol).

After doing fruitless research on above mentioned activities the place that caught my attention was this Market Kitchen Cafe, one thing we can definitely do with E – EAT. The constant mouthwatering aromas that emanated from their kitchen incited my hunger to next level. We entered and inquired about Halal food and to our pleasant surprise they do serve halal food. I was ecstatic upon the revelation; we ordered a chicken pizza, grabbed a table near the balcony and enjoyed the meal with stupendous view.

While we were busy relishing our delectable meal we noticed people going further up by chairlift, which we found out was a part of Luge. An activity which we could do with E, WOW! We bought the tickets right away and got ready to ride the Luge. By the way Luge is a thrilling gravity controlled ride in a special cart with proper steering and braking system. We raced down the track and thoroughly enjoyed the course, this was something different and we were able to do that with E – best part! It is undoubtedly one of the ‘must-do’ activities up there.

After spending some quality time at the mountain, we caught the gondola and came back to ground (Check out the video to experience the ride with us 😉 ). We still had plenty of time till sun down so we moved towards city centre with the intentions to explore the city and ultimately landed at bank of lake Wakatipu in the end.

We roamed through the streets of Queenstown, stopped by a local 12D (4D is a much better word for that though… lol) movie theater Thrill Zone Vortex in between where we watched 2 cartoon movies. E absolutely loved the experience, I was anticipating that she might get scared but she actually moved my hand away when I attempted to comfort her in between the movies. She was proving to be one brave adventurous little girl in this trip 😀

Afterwards we spent some time at the pier of lake where E tried to catch sea gulls. The weather was getting colder as sunset time was approaching so we thought to retire for the day. Had dinner at the same place we ate the day before and walked back to our cute studio apartment, packed our bags because we were flying to Sydney the next day and went into deep slumber in no time.

See awe-inspiring landscapes from the airplane window as we bid good bye to the beautiful city of Queenstown, NZ the other day and read about our stories of Sydney in the upcoming post of Trip of Lifetime series. Stick around folks!

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