17 “Must-Go” Places to See in South New Zealand

I am so excited about this particular summary post, Reason – this post contain insights about some of the very best days of our trip. New Zealand is more beautiful as compared to Australia, I had already concluded that from our visit of North island’s part of the country but it is wayyyy more arresting and heavenly, this is what I deduced as soon as we set foot on South island. No second thoughts about that AT ALL! Continue reading “17 “Must-Go” Places to See in South New Zealand”

Quixotic Queenstown – Trip of Lifetime Day 16

Queenstown as it’s name implies is one queenly amazingly heavenly city in the Otago region of South Island, New Zealand. The city sits comfortably in the valley of alpine mountains beside breathtaking lakes. In this post, you are going to witness one of those among many other adventurous activities you can taste in that happening city. So keep reading 😉 Continue reading “Quixotic Queenstown – Trip of Lifetime Day 16”