Dreamy Dunedin – Trip Of Lifetime Day 12

Finally we have landed in Dunedin – the Southern part of New Zealand in this ‘Trip of Lifetime’ series, its not ending anytime soon I tell you. So keep enjoying with me as I am learning new ways to show you around the places we visited. This is one of the best parts of our trip and the tales are gonna be super enthralling so fasten your seat belts and get on the amazing ride with me.

This video below is the teaser of the day… Enjoy 😉 (watch in 4K or HD)

Dunedin – about 200 years old city with rich heritage and history, welcomed us with light rain, it was chilly, the roads were wet, clouds were roaming just above our heads and we fell in love with it as soon as we came out of the small airport. We were coming from a very warm, sunny Auckland and this was such a refreshing change. We settled in our pre-booked rented car, set the destination (which was our hotel) in google maps and hit the road.

20161207_101557 (2)
The view we saw just as we came out of the airport

After checking in and resting for awhile we were all set to explore the city (our favourite part of any itinerary that is). The spot that fascinated us the most was “World’s steepest residential street“. Although the street in which our hotel was located was pretty sharp, so much that I initially assumed that this is very street which holds the world’s record but to my utter surprise, it wasn’t! So we headed towards Baldwin street to check out the record holder road and mannnn, it was literally vertical in slope. Check out for yourself in the pictures and videos below. Nobody was daring to drive on it but my super adventurous hero HI did 😀

Embedding the live session from Facebook page here as well which I did while we were coming down the road.

By the time we hit the usual road, we were famished. We satisfied our hunger with scrumptious halal Chicken, tomato and cream cheese pizza from Yilmaz located at George street which was referred to us by Noman bhai. All thanks to him whose recommendations saved our precious time.

20161207_173642 (2)
This pizza was super tastyyyy

From there we moved towards the Octagon – the city centre of Dunedin. It is an eight-sided plaza which reflects the city’s rich heritage that dates back to 1840s.

The last destination of the day was city’s railway station which is surely a worth visiting site where this huge black antique engine from 1274 is showcased.

Following are the live sessions I conducted from the railway station at my Breaks & Bites Fb page.

So this was it about our escapades of day 12, don’t miss the happenings of day 13 if you are truly interested in castles and baronial houses. we visited one! 😀

Stick around

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