Riverland Dubai – Weekend Escapade

The last weekend was truly wondrous – every possible shade of it that can be! It kicked off with a spontaneous plan to Dubai Mall to witness the LED display of our ever-so-lovely crescent and star studded flag on Burj Khalifa as a part of 77th Pakistan Day celebrations. I made you all a part of the festivities too via Facebook Live option on my page ( here is the link to page in case you haven’t ‘liked’ it yet, Do it NOW! pretty please 🙂 ). The satisfying feelings of pride and happiness watching your country’s beloved flag on world’s tallest tower were so overwhelming I tell you. The whole atmosphere was energetic and charged, spectators were chanting national songs at the top of their voice notes ( I was one of them too… lol ). It made me realize that we are living in country that can be definitely classified as ‘Home away from home’, blessed alhamdulillah!

Pakistan Day Burj
The proud moment when Burj was lit up in our flag’s colors 😀

Embedding the live session here as well.

It rained like cats and dogs the following night resulting in romance-full, filmy and cloudy weather the other day. We karachiites will never stop bragging about this magical state of climate, neverrr. The equation that can be derived is as follows;

Weekend + Rain + Dubai = Perfect combo

So after a very serious discussion on where to head to make the most of this dreamy cloud cover, the consensus was built up on Riverland Dubai. The whole area is outdoors and this was exactly the right time to give it a go or else it won’t be a good idea to explore the newly constructed European themed masterpiece in summers, of course.


Riverland is a themed amazing kind of destination which is a part of Dubai Parks and Resorts. The best part is, there is NO entry fees, yesss! You can go and roam about the quaint, fancy countryside styled lanes as much as you want without spending a penny. Oh well, but the parking ticket costs AED 20 so you may need to spend some bucks bro.

Park the car in the enormous parking lot they have there (don’t forget to mark the labelled pillars so that it’s easier for you to find your car on the way back) and then the scenic tram takes you all the way to your desired destination either it is Riverland, Legoland, Motiongate or Bollywood Parks (out of all these only Riverland is free, all others have their separate entry fees).

Riverland is located in the heart of Dubai Parks and Resorts, all other theme parks are accessible from here. It has four themed zones; The French Village, Boardwalk, India Gate and The Peninsula. It is the first place to contain a man-made river (which spans over an area of 1 km) within a theme park destination in the region. The place has lots of dining options coupled with retail outlets which make it a complete package for a-family-fun-day-out.
Disclaimer: The place is a bit over-priced though!

Moreover, they have these gala type of affairs which they call ‘Events on the River’, you can enjoy any of those while strolling through the rustic fairy tale themed architecture of Riverland. Their upcoming event is ‘Rhythm on the river’,  please check the link for more information on the said happening.

Riverland is a must see place for sure and in the idyllic rainy weather we encountered, it looked absolutely spectacularly stunning – more like a picturesque setting from a fairy tale. I fell in love with it the moment I stepped inside.

VERDICT: Riverland is a must go place without any doubt!

Have a look at some of the lovely sights we captured in our camera that day. At the end, there is a special video featured just for you, I have worked really hard on it plus it is my first ever edited full version clip of any attraction. Don’t you dare ignore it! Also, try to refrain from focusing on the flaws and leave some kind comments below stating how much you liked it. please 🙂

and here is that video about which you HAVE to say ‘Wow type comments‘… haha (watch in 4K or HD) Enjoyyy

Over and out for now!

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