Motiongate – Dubai Parks & Resorts (Part 1)

The holidays are OVER finally, everyone’s back to routine (Thank God) and now I can resume working on my long due posts. I never thought I’d be all gone during the summer break period but guess I got laid back too (yesss… I am guilty here of dallying everything this time *facepalm*).

Let’s start the come-back post with which I am taking you all down the memory lane once again. Some of you might know that our movement plan was so sudden that we had to give up all our plans that I had in mind as “Things-to-Do-before-leaving-Dubai”. Visiting Dubai Parks & Resorts was on the same list (To find out what this place is all about click here). Even though we had bought the 1 Day 2 Parks tickets as a result of a tempting sale a couple of months earlier but as the days progressed it became crystal clear that we won’t be getting enough time to visit the said attraction before the big move. But deep down, I had a feeling that we’ll make it to there someday somehow.

Anyways, we packed our bags and headed to Karachi with the intention of moving to New Zealand directly from there. Still, I was not doing any effort to sell off those tickets to anyone (Lol, the ray of hope was still there). Our visas were not cancelled and HI thought it can be done online but later on, I was so happy to find out that it wasn’t possible and we had to go Dubai one last time before catching the long flight to New Zealand. Yayyy. Hahahaha

We planned a 2-day stopover at Dubai in between, it felt a bit weird to enter the same city as travellers which once we called our home (till 3 weeks before to be exact). But I was excited, E was too. We got a chance to set foot in the city we love once again before going far far away. What more one can ask for 🙂

Anyways; out of those two touristy days, one day we were going to Dubai Parks & Resorts for sure. 😀 We had one day 2 Parks tickets with us but I am splitting the post into two parts so that I can share the awesomeness we experienced there with you all in detail. Let’s start off with Motiongate…

It was a hot and humid day of July – definitely not a good time to visit the park but for us, it was the best day. You know why? Because the parks were almost deserted and we did not have to wait in long queues to enjoy the rides. Lol, :p Take a look…

The Park is divided into five sections and is huge. So plan your time accordingly.

Check out some shots of the smurfs village below

The Dreamworks area…

We did not take many pictures since we were running hard between the rides; trying to make the most of empty park. But I managed to get some awesome shots and exclusive videos of the rides while enjoying them. Have a look at the compilation below to get an idea what the park is all about.

Watch in HD or 4K

Some recommendations and observations:

  • Do not miss the BLAST OFF if you are a true adrenaline junkie – the ride time is a bit less but since it was all empty we went on it twice 😀
  • Most of the park areas are air-conditioned so if you are not bothered by heat much than go during the summers to make the most of everything. Also, the tickets are mostly on sale during the said time. win-win situation!
  • The park is kid-friendly, E enjoyed most of the rides (including Shrek, Smurfs and Hotel Transylvania) with us apart from the really crazy ones, of course. Also, there are lots of playing areas dedicated to children inside the park.

For more information on the park, you can visit Motiongate website. Find out which park we entered next after enjoying the amazing Hollywood themed park that day…

Stay tuned.

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