Bollywood Parks Tour – Dubai Parks & Resorts (Part 2)

Starting off from where exactly I left a couple of months ago… yeah I know, I was almost DEAD from all my social media platforms for the longest period of time everrr without any prior notice *facepalm*. Let’s get back to business without wasting more time!

We explored the magical world of Motiongate Dubai in my last post and now is the time to move towards the second park to make the most of that 1-Day-2-Parks ticket we had (you can re-read/or read the last post here to refresh your memory/get insights about the ticket and the conditions we visited the park(s) in). Since we already had been to Legoland earlier, our obvious choice was Bollywood Parks!

If you are a loyal reader and already have gone through my previous post (that I have linked here third time in this post… lol) then you must have an idea that we were short of time and have been running in between the parks and rides to make the most of our tickets, making sure not to miss even the slightest bit of anything except for the rides which were closed for maintenance that day :p.

Also, I will refrain from writing much today and will directly dive into the pictures and video I have made so that you can get a clear idea what this park is all about. Don’t forget to check out the captions. Enjoyyy 😉







You can see how deserted the park is! VIP protocol… Hahahaha 😀

And now let’s take a tour of the whole attraction through my lens. Watch in HD or 4K, please.

You can see that we enjoyed the whole attraction in privacy… Lol. Head back to the previous post to reveal the ‘secret’ of how we managed to get this much privacy in that public place that too on a normal day… Nope, I am not gonna repeat it. Here is the link again! 😉

For more information on the park, you can visit Bollywood Parks website.

Until Next time… Tataa!

One thought on “Bollywood Parks Tour – Dubai Parks & Resorts (Part 2)

  1. prasant bhatt

    Hello Yasi
    I am glad I found such a wonderful blog about Dubai. I have been following your blog series about Dubai and it inspires me to visit Dubai and shout out from those skyscrapers and beautiful everything. This November I am planning to visit Dubai. Do you have any Idea how much budget do I need for that?
    Prasant Bhatt


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