Afghani Pulao – A Simple yet Super Recipe!

It’s been more than an year since I have come to this edit screen, I had my own reasons to do so. Let’s not dive into them today, we’ll discuss it some other time may be. Today I am here to share my version of Afghani Pulao, which is a lot easier and tastier (lol, had to use ‘-ier’ with tasty just because it rhymes)😇

It has been one of the ‘Mains’ in my dawats ever since I have tested it out and everyone seems to love it. I hope it’ll turn out good when you’ll try it out too inshaa Allah 🙂

About Afghani Pulao: Often called Kabuli pulao, is a variety of pilaf made in Afghanistan. It’s mainly made with lamb (you can try it out with chicken too) and consists of steamed rice topped with with fried carrots and raisins.

Rating: 🥘🥘🥘🥘

Cuisine: Afghan

Course:  Main

Inspired By: Shireen Anwer & Food fusion

Serves:4-6Ease Level:🥘🥘🥘🥘
Prep Time:5 minsQuickness: 🥘🥘🥘
Cooking Time:100-120 mins (meat tenderization) +
30 mins (cooking rice) +
15 mins (frying)
Spice Level: 🥘

-Above ratings are out of 5, with 5 being the ‘most’.
-Above times reflect cutting veggies using food processor.


Cooking pots
Cooking spoons
Frying pan


Lamb 1 kg (cut into pieces)
Ginger Garlic Paste 3 Tbsp
Salt 2.25 tsp + 1 tsp
Sugar 3 Tbsp+ 2 Tbsp
Oil half cup + 2 Tbsp
Rice (soaked) 750 gms
All spice powder 2 tsp
Cardamom powder 2.5 tsp
Onions 2 medium julienne cut
Carrots 2 julienne cut
Raisins (black) 150 gms


  • Boil meat with 2.25 tsp salt and 3 tbsp ginger garlic paste. Add water enough to submerge the meat.
  • When meat gets tender take it out from the stock and drain the stock. Keep aside (both cooked meat and stock)
  • Caramelize 3 tbsp sugar in half cup oil. Add meat stock, bring it to boil. Then add 1 tsp salt and rice. Add all spice powder(garam masala) and cardamom powder. Mix and give dum.
  • In a pan, fry julienne cut onions in oil until they turn golden brown then add boiled meat and fry until it changes color. Take it out.
  • In the same pan, warm 2 tbsp oil and fry 2 julienne cut carrots, add 2 tbsp sugar and mix. Mix in 150 gms raisins and fry.
  • Assemble rice with meat and fried carrots and raisins.
  • Serve hot.
Tadaaa – This is the final result
If this doesn’t compels you to try it then I don’t know what will 😛


  • I use food processor to cut the carrots, results in more uniform cut with zero effort.
  • Don’t get intimidated by the cooking times shown in the above chart, I like slow cooking hence the times.
  • Use meat from lamb leg for better taste.
  • If your stock is less add more water to the rice and if it is more then cook it on high flame to reduce it before adding rice.
  • You can use cardamoms if powder is not available.

Hope you’ll enjoy trying it out.

I’d love to get your feedback. Feel free to drop a comment below about your experience. 😊

2 thoughts on “Afghani Pulao – A Simple yet Super Recipe!

  1. Ammara

    Honestly finger licking good 😋
    Was craving for afghani pulao and expected a complicated recipe, but it was magically easy and yumm. Thanks so much for elaborating it and your two cents in the end saved my life as I was running out of cardamom powder and used cardamom instead. Definitely going to be frequent dinner for my family 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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