THREE SISTERS BEACH & TAURANGA: Road Trip NZ 18-19 (Episode 2)

After spending two totally crazy busy days in the hub of Taranaki region (New Plymouth) we bid farewell to our friends (who were traveling with us) and headed straight towards Tauranga (5th largest city of NZ) via Three Sisters Beach. Let’s get straight to the point without me doing much bakwas as promised.


On the North Taranaki coast, near Tongaporutu, you can see two (formerly three) 25-metre rock formations known as the Three Sisters. Another spectacular formation called Elephant Rock once stood alongside the sisters, before losing its trunk to erosion in 2016. 
Interestingly, there were four sisters at the turn of the century, but the sea is claiming them one at a time.
Opening Times: Always (Best time to visit is during low tide though)
How to get here: Car
Ticket costs: Free



A beautiful sheltered beach at the edge of Tauranga harbour sitting alongside Mount Maunganui’s towering mountain ‘Mauao’. It is one of the most happening spots in the city with relatively small waves and peaceful seashore. Probably it is the best place to view the magnificent cruise ships up close.
You can do water sports such as kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, jet skiing or just relax in the sun, enjoy the harbour views and watch the world go by.
Opening Times: Always
How to get here: Car/ Public Transport
Ticket costs: Free


Sitting at the base of Mauao, Mt Maunganui’s iconic mountain, this busy, popular and glorious golden sand beach is your best bet to surf, swim and enjoy the typical beach activities.
It is voted the best beach in the country. In fact, visitors have also ranked it the second best beach in the South Pacific and among the top 25 beaches in the world according to Trip Advisor.
Opening Times: Always
How to get here: Car/ Public Transport
Ticket costs: Free


If you are interested in beholding the stunning ocean views and Matakana Island then these hiking trails are just the right choice for you. If you have started the walk alone, don’t worry, the cute sheep will be with you throughout the walk and won’t let you feel isolated at all (if the lambing season is going on).
Mauao is a historic reserve which stands 232m above sea level and it is 2050m long walk up to the Summit. There are multiple tracks from which you can choose the one that fits your liking.
At the top, you’ll see the Kaimai Ranges looming in the distance behind Tauranga while the blue Pacific Ocean stretches out as far as your eyes can see. The view is simply breathtaking.
Opening Times: Always
How to get here: Car/ Public Transport
Ticket costs: Free


  • The summit tracks are not a casual stroll. You’ll need a reasonably good level of fitness and mobility to climb to the top but it’s certainly worth the effort.
  • Wear sturdy footwear. The surface is steep and is covered with finely crushed gravel.
  • There are very steep cliffs and no safety rails to hold on to, at some points.
  • It actually is a loop track with lots of stairs.
  • On a hot summer day; pack ample amount of water, snacks, hat and sunscreen.
  • No toilets and bins along the way. Take your rubbish away with you, please.
  • We hiked all the way up with E (our almost 5yo toddler) and she was fascinated by the sheep( we were surrounded by them from every direction). It’s fun!
  • The Summit track is not stroller friendly at all, however, the base track along the beach allows you to take the buggy along I believe.

This is it about episode 2 from my side.

And now check out the full episode (with my beautiful commentary… lol). Also, I have updated to include the trip’s highlights for the day on my Instagram profile, in case any of you wanna see the extended version of our excursions.

Drop your comments/ questions below, if any. I’d be happy to answer.

Until the next episode. Tata 🙂

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