We Rise By Lifting Others (Desi Version)


  • School/college/University mai kisi ki madad na krna
  • Kisi dost/rishteydar ko job opportunity ka na batana
  • Phuppo/Khala k betay ko bahir (beroon-e-mulk) nhi bulwana
  • Kisi ko achay rishtay ka hotey huey na batana
  • Dost ne naya kaam shuru kiya hai, usko motivate na krna/discourage krna
  • Kisi ko us k kaam ka credit na dena

Are we competing AGAINST each other in a race?

Does your NON-helping attitude can actually limit their growth?

You think you can snatch things away from them by NOT supporting them?

If your answer is yes then you are seriously sick, my friend. Because things certainly DON’T work the way you want them to. For a moment or two, you may feel accomplished because the other person might be struggling in the start but sooner or later you’ll see them getting even better chances, thriving and blooming. You can definitely hide opportunities from someone but can’t steal anything that they are destined to get!

It is said that ‘We rise by lifting others’ – Because when you start helping others, Allah helps you more and rewards you even more; always works. Start giving, start encouraging and you’ll see the difference yourself. Only that your intention should be pure. Allah knows what is inside your heart so no cheating, please!

We rise by lifting others
Random picture of sun rising and shining to give you motivation…

ALSO on the other hand, if someone does guide you then refrain from becoming a ‘headache’ for them. Avoid being a cheap glue bottle and do the rest of work yourself, please. Don’t make the good soul regret his/her act. DON’T  do this…

  • Is ne assignment mai help ki thi, mai call kr k project k maslay solve kra leti/a hun – calls the person thousand times a day!
  • Is ne job batai hai, is se hi CV update krwa leta/i hun
  • Cousin ne bahir bulwaya hai, ab rehna sehna, khana peena un k yahan even job b wohi dilwaiyen gay
  • Un aunty ne shadi fix krwai hai, shadi ki shopping mai b help krwaiyen gi
  • Dost ka business hai, free mai cheezain lunga/i
  • Credit dena to dur, apna naam laga k show marna – Like day before yesterday I read a post Shehzeen Rehman (aka The Desi Wonder Woman) shared that one of her post went viral but somebody cropped out her name. ( Bahot hi aala kaam kiya dost *slow claps*) but the very next day it was shared on ParhloPink with her name and everything. Karma hits you back quite soon (in fact, the very next day) in this era.
We rise by lifting others 2
Another random picture of a killer sunset because why not!

All in all, try to be modest and follow a relatively decent approach no matter which side are you on.






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