NEW PLYMOUTH – Road Trip NZ 18-19 (Episode 1)

Starting a new series from today. Most of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook must have an idea what this series is all about. Also, I am not gonna write too much this time unlike the previous travel series because I am releasing videos alongside as well. So, what these posts will contain? Well, these written blogs will serve as a summary post for those videos with all the relevant information about the places we’ll be visiting in the videos. Fair enough? So let’s get started…

We set out on a 9-day long road trip up north from Wellington (North Island’s southernmost point) to Cape Reinga (the northwestern-most corner of New Zealand’s North Island) during our summer break 18-19. (Corner-corner game hogaya ye to… lol; a PJ, well ok *facepam* )

Initially, we started off with a short plan to explore nearby towns/cities for 2-3 days which then expanded to big fat travel plan all the way up to the northwestern-most corner of the country… Lol. But trust me, it was a hell lot of fun (with too much driving but) the beauty we witnessed was worth it. TOTALLYYYY!!

Our first stop on the way was New Plymouth; the port city is considered a hub in the Taranaki region overlooking the iconic Mount Taranaki/Egmont (in every direction). The city also boasts black sand beaches and is a heaven for art-lovers. Let’s see what it offers…


Me posing to meditate on the coastal walkway. Te Rewa Rewa bridge and Mt Taranaki are saying hi from the background

A 12.7 km long walkway along the shoreline ending on this iconic bridge which is built upon the Waiwhakaiho River. The bridge is one of the landmarks of the city and is reminiscent of both a breaking wave and whale skeleton.
Opening Times: Always
How to get here: Car/ Taxi ( I have no idea about buses *sowweee*)
Ticket costs: Free


A 48-metre tall kinetic sculpture and is one of the icons of the city as well. Read more about it in the picture attached if you are keen to know more.
Opening Times: Always
How to get here: Car / Bus/ Taxi
Ticket costs: Free

PUKEKURA PARK – Festival of Lights

A 52ha (128 acres) right in the heart of the city and is one of New Zealand’s premier botanical gardens. The park has an international Green Flag award and is a Garden of National Significance. It also hosts Festival of Lights on yearly basis during summer. For more information click here.
Opening Times: Always (Check times for ‘Festival of Lights’)
How to get here: Car / Bus/ Taxi
Ticket costs: Free


A combined museum and library. It also includes a visitor information centre and cafe. It is the world’s first purpose-built, fully integrated museum, library and visitor information centre. The highlight of the place was Illusion exhibition for us. For more information about the events and exhibitions click here.
Opening Times: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
Sat-Sun 9am-5pm
How to get here: Car / Bus/ Taxi
Ticket costs: Free


It’s a tourist information centre for Egmont National Park with comprehensive displays, a small café, a retail area, and DOC staff to help with track information and weather updates. The centre closes at 4 pm daily but the walking tracks are always open to exploring. There are a number of walks so you can pick and choose the one that fits your liking. We opted for Nature Walk (loop).
Be aware that Mt Taranaki has changeable and unpredictable weather. Check the forecast and carry enough clothing and equipment to ensure you are able to cope with any type of weather, at any time of the year.
Opening Times: The visitor centre timings are 8:30 am- 4pm
But the trails are open Always
How to get here: Car
Ticket costs: Free


A contemporary art gallery and home to the collection of modernist filmmaker and kinetic artist Len Lye. If you are not much into art and stuff then you can just go there to witness the striking silver building’s exterior, it’s a piece of art itself (we did the same… lol). For more information about events, check out their website here.
Opening Times: 10am – 5pm (closed Christmas Day)
How to get here: Car / Bus/ Taxi
Ticket costs: 
Visitors – $15 
New Plymouth District residents – Free 
Under 16s – Free 
65+ years – $10


A popular black sand beach for swimming, surfing, boating and dog walking. If you don’t wanna indulge in beach activities then you’d probably like to just sit, relax, unwind and enjoy the peaceful sunset there (that’s what we did too). Also, check the weather conditions and information before planning your beach day at their website here.
Opening Times: Always
How to get here: Car / Bus/ Taxi
Ticket costs: Free


  • We spent 2 days exploring the city (the duration also includes travel time from our home to destination)
  • Accommodation alternatives within the city are too many. Honestly, I feel it depends on your budget and preference. You can always check and air bnb for options that meet your criteria/budget
  • Halal food options are also readily available. You can always check with the chef/ inquire about the meat being used is halal in any restaurant. Or else Burgerfuel, Indian and Turkish restaurants are a safe bet (just ask them to make your food halal before ordering). If not then a fish burger from 24-hour Macca’s always rock!
  • Overall the weather of the city is pleasant (we went there in summer), we needed an extra layer during the later hours of the day but the afternoon was hot. Just keep an extra layer handy, just in case. NZ’s weather is always unpredictable you see
  • We always prefer traveling/driving on our own. I feel it gives you more freedom and control over your itinerary. But again, the choice is yours, do whatever you feel like.

This is it from my side from our very first destination of the trip.

And now Check out the full episode (with my beautiful commentary… lol). Also, I have updated to include the trip’s highlights for the city on my Instagram profile, in case any of you wanna see the uncut version of our excursions 😉

have a look at New Plymouth through my lens 🙂

Drop your comments/ questions below, if any. I’d be happy to answer.

Until the next episode. Kia Ora

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