FATHERs – Our Backbone!

My Abbu taught me to drive

  • Brought me on road just after a day of basics in ground – He had confidence in me
  • Persuaded me to drive past those big vehicles when I felt like slowing down – Energized me
  • Stood under the sun and watched me practice my gears – Struggled for me
  • Did not discourage me when I hit the car while I was practicing – Boosted my morale instead of deterring it
  • Directed me to small lanes and crowded roads – put me in difficult scenarios so that I may learn to handle every situation
  • Sent me all alone on practice drive – Trusted my capabilities when I did not

This is just one of the gazillions of instances when my father taught me to achieve something, had faith in me, gave me strength to face difficult situations, listened to me, advised me, motivated me – made me the strong woman I am today.

Now when I see HI with E, I see Abbu and ME doing all the crazy stuff together once again (faces are changed but the relationship, the emotions, the bond is same)

We always tend to praise Mothers (which is fair enough) but Fathers are magical species too. The Mothers can’t perform well in the race of life without Fathers’ contributions.

This is the only latest pic I can find with Abbu – Need to click some new pictures in my upcoming trip!
E an Papa
E and HI enjoying at Puffing Billy Railway ❤

HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to all these amazing men in our lives.

Our First Loves, Our Role Models, Our Lifelines!

May Allah give them all long life with health, wealth and happiness. Aamin

Share some of your special moments in the comments section below guys… would love to read 🙂

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