6 Reasons Why I LOVE Spending Eid with Family

‘Eid’- the word itself is so cheerful and euphoric, let alone the festival. I literally take it as a present from Almighty Allah for the good deeds (we try to do) and timely prayers (we try to offer) throughout the month of Ramadan. Eid has always been a time which I look up to, wait for and prepare for since forever. Back in the days of my childhood, I used to be super excited about it. My mother used to make our stuff (from dresses to shoes, bangles to hairbands) ready at night and I remember myself drifting off to sleep anxiously waiting for sun to rise with those henna tattooed hands. Now that we are all grown up, time has changed. We are residing in Dubai – away from home, a place which I love to live in undoubtedly but there come certain times in year when I yearn to go back home. Eid is definitely one of those! This is a contrasting post as compare to the one you have read in the previous month (you can read it here), following are the reasons based on which I prefer spending Eid with my loved ones in my home town – Karachi, Pakistan. I bet you won’t stop agreeing! haha

The Chand Raat Chaos

Chand raat chaos

As soon as the Shawwal moon is sighted, there is a sudden shift in the overall city’s environment. The air becomes charged and energised automatically. Mothers run towards kitchen to prepare sheer khurma and sweet delights, brothers run outside to carry out some last minute shopping, sisters head towards markets to get bangles and henna tattoos on their hands. The shopping malls are open till early hours and remain jam packed with customers. All this hurly-burly atmosphere is something which one misses the most while living abroad.

Eid is where the family is!

Eid is where the Family is

No matter how amazing this place (Dubai) is, part of me still longs to spend the festive season at home. Eid is where the family is *period*

The moment when the men of family come back after offering Eid prayers and you race over to wish them Eid, the times you meet your extended family at Eid dinners, prepping special Eid meals with your mother;  these are some of the precious moments I missed the most when I spent some of my Eids abroad.

The Eidi Salam

Eidi Salam

Eidi (i.e. eid gift mostly in the form of some crisp currency notes) collection is one of the integral highlights of the occasion. This is the day when saying NO to Eidi is a crime. I remember we used to brag about the amount of Eidi we collected with our school buddies, those were the days! Time has changed and we are now at the giving end but still the radiant smiles we get in return are matchless. We also get our hands on some eidi from our elders. It is not a bad deal, nevertheless! *evil grin* lol

Eid Reunion/ Parties

eid reunion parties

This is the time when most of your abroad living cousins, relatives and friends visit their homes as well. You get to meet them without doing hardcore planning. The frequent Eid lunches and dinners assure that you will bump into many of those without even knowing that they are there. Needless to add that you get to meet many relatives at a single place while attending those lavish parties (No need to visit each one’s home separately).

Finger-licking Eid Dishes

Finger licking Eid dishes

Though Dubai is a Foodie’s Paradise but still the taste of mom cooked meals is dearly missed by most of us here. The feeling becomes more intense when you are not able to taste that delish Eid Sheer khurma your mother makes along with so many mouth-watering delicacies as a part of Eid menu. Not to forget the tonnes of delectable items you get to eat when you visit Khala, phuppo, chacha, mamoo and all 😉

Best way to keep children connected with your roots

best way to keep children connected with your roots

I personally believe that living far away from our home country has made our children disconnected from our lovely traditions. Eid is the best time to pay visit in order to keep them bonded with our roots and culture. The feel, festivities and happiness we experience while staying there is definitely missing in other parts of the world.

Going back home is always refreshing and booking your tickets on Eid serves as icing on cake. The overwhelming feeling of Eid has always been unexplainable for me. The spirit of Eid, the sentiments related with this eve are just beyond description. The happiness is out of this world! Even today, when I have become a mother myself, the emotions are the same as of a carefree child especially when I am around the ones I love.

I ‘d suggest you to please keep the spirit of Ramadan alive this Eid and don’t forget to help the needy ones. They deserve all the happiness and blessings more than us. Include them in your Eid wishes, brighten their day with Eid presents and bring smiles on their faces. The inner peace you’ll feel is a bonus in addition to the countless rewards you’ll earn with those simple acts of kindness.

Have a blessed and cheery merry EID.



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