The best form of LOVE

Sharing a very raw piece of prose I wrote sometime back. I really don’t know whether it even qualify to be called a prose or not.

We love ourselves,
We love our family,
We love our friends,
We love our job,
We love everything that this world offers…

What is LOVE?

A feeling of submission,
A feeling of need,
A feeling of care,
A feeling that forces us to prioritize someone else’s happiness over ours.

And we do that willingly.
We are ready to give up our everything for our ‘loves’,
We can’t afford them leaving us.
The mere thought of it disturbs us, gives us goosebumps.
We become restless, uneasy, uncomfortable!

We do everything within our limit and reach
to make our ‘loves’ happy,
to make them stay with us,
We just can’t let them go!

And if our ‘loves’ leave us,
We feel hurt,
We feel empty,
We feel anxious.

Can you relate?
Every one of us has someone/something we ‘love’  like that. No?

And there’s nothing wrong in ‘loving’ people and things that matter to us.
But have you ever thought,

Do I love ALLAH- the creator of the universe the way he is supposed to be loved?

Do I feel content when I do things that Allah wants?
Do I make effort to make myself look good in front of Allah?
Do I submit myself completely to Allah’s will?

Things become simple when we do that,
Decisions become easier.
Our other ‘loves’ and relationships become better.

And you know what the best part is?
More than we can imagine
and doesn’t want us to leave him ever ❤

May Allah guide us towards him
May we feel fulfilled in his complete submission
May we be satisfied in Allah’s will.


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