Life in Wellywood – A letter

Assalam o alikum,

Ap sab kesy hain? Hm sab yahan khairyat se hain aur umeed krty hain k apki taraf b sab acha hoga. Wahan Mausam kesa hai? Hmari taraf garmi ne apna sar uthana shuru krdia hai, din lambay hona shuru hogae hain.

(trying to write a letter as we used to draft back in our school days – it used to be so much fun- haina😄)

Anyways, I know I have been MIA since a couple of weeks though I am sharing my day-to-day activities in the stories regularly the actual Insta and blog action is missing. I have lots to share; recipes, fun posts, home tour, serious talks but not getting enough time to sit, think, schedule and do it all properly.

Life in Wellington has become super busy (for us) because we are surrounded by a beautiful bunch of people here who are all lively and happy-go-lucky type of souls. That is the reason we are always (well almost) occupied with parties, dinners, hangouts and fun activities. And this is a never-ending cycle… you invite them – they invite you, you make a plan with them – they also chalk out a hangout with you. Honestly, it’s a bit tiring at times but I am LOVIN’ it. Never in my life have I maintained a calendar to save the events but yesterday I was forced to do so because all the dates and plans were playing ring around the roses (read: ringa ringa roses) in my brain… lol

Let’s dive into some pictures from my gallery to get an idea what I am talking about…

Check out some glimpses of the parties/hangouts I hosted/have been to during last couple of months.

Also, the pace of daily activities has gone up a notch too with my gym sessions, HI’s matches, E’s Quran classes, swimming lessons and kindy hours (of course). I was missing coming to this edit screen daily but that’s the only thing I could do. Nevertheless, today I had no choice but to come here… you know why? Because despite of having ambitious plans for the day I am unable to take out my car from the garage, HI’s car is parked right behind mine and he has taken the keys with himself to the office. Hahaha

Anyhow, I’d also like to mention that the fellow peeps here are super helpful and understanding; always ready to come forward and lend a hand in times of need and distress. The8 hours’ time difference has made it very difficult to connect with family back home on daily basis (because when you wake up they are going to sleep, when they have time you are busy wrapping up the day – its complicated) but the availability of these international desi friends always make you feel at home. They have definitely made it easier for us to settle in this part of the world much quickly where summer arrives when all others are enjoying winters at their end. This post (read: letter) is dedicated to all my lovely Welly friends who have made us a part of their lives one way or the other. NZ is indeed our home away from home alhamdulillah!

Love you all💋


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