E turns 3reee mashaa Allah

The day you were born, little did I know
that my life is going to change so much…

You made me cry
You made me laugh

You are my motivation
You are my celebration

You are my strength
You are my weakness

With you the days are longer
but the years are shorter

You are the only one
who can make me smile while I am angry

when your little arms close around me
I feel happy and complete

I can’t thank Allah enough for his countless blessings upon me Alhamdulillah

May Allah give you long life with health, wealth, happiness,success and everything you want… Aamin

Ammi loves you E to Pluto and back  
Please be a good girl this year!

Happy 3rd birthday my babyy

E 1hr
1 hour old
Eshaal 1
1 year old
Eshaal 2
2 year old
3 year old

20 thoughts on “E turns 3reee mashaa Allah

  1. Humayun

    Wow…time flies….I remember the time when she just start walking. Allah give her health, wealth and keeps your shelter always.


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