A trip to Geothermal Wonderland – KUIRAU PARK (AKL to WLG Part 1)

New Zealand is a land of marvels, you get to see so many rare and unusual sights in this part of the world. This place leaves you in awe with every passing scene. It truly is nature’s gem which is not hidden anymore.

Today, I am gonna share details of our brief visit to Rotorua – a town I was so looking forward to visiting ever since I read about it (I have talked about it here). But little did I know that it will be our very first expedition after setting foot on Kiwi land.

We landed in Auckland after saying goodbye to Dubai and just after a few weeks, we found ourselves packing the stuff again to leave for Wellington. We had choices either to take a flight and reach our destination within an hour or fuel up our car, hit the road and spend 2 days enroute the capital. We chose the latter option because we love road tripping (of course) and we wanted to explore the breathtaking raw beauty on the way.

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Rotorua is around 3-hour drive away from Auckland and is famous for the volcanic activity going in and around the area. Also, you can experience true Maori culture here in the living Maori village. While there are lots of things you can do in this amazing city, we chose to visit Kuirau Park only since we were just passing by. Also, the small winter days did not allow us to do many activities and we spent more time than expected in the said park *facepalm*.

So coming back to point, Kuirau Park is located minutes away from city centre and is New Zealand’s ONLY geothermal public park. It is open always and is absolutely free (best part). There is an interesting story associated with the name of this park, watch out the video embedded below to find out 😉 Watch in 4K or HD

There are various bubbling mud pools, hot pools and footbath pools which are open to the public where you can soak your feet in the warm flowing water. Apart from these unique experiences, there is a lovely (steaming) lake and playground for kids as well.

Various walking tracks lead you to numerous fizzling mud pools where you’ll find yourself wrapped up in steam from the several blowholes, this looks so dramatic. It is strongly advised to stay on dedicated tracks as the water is wayyy hot (the temperature is even more than the boiling point).

Even though we wanted to linger around a little more in that geothermal wonderland but the dimming daylight forced us to resume our journey. We stayed at the Pheonix Resort in Taupo mid-way where my desire to take a dip in that steaming water was materialized.

The suite we got had a private pool sort of area which we could fill with the natural hot water and mannnnn it was much hotter than we thought, the whole area was filled with steam and we had to mix in cold water to a great extent to make it bearable… Lol. It was sooo relaxing and calming, loved the soaking. Definitely a must-do!

Went to bed after that soothing bath dreaming about the thrilling place we had plans of visiting the following day – will shed light on that in another post. The decision to carry out the voyage on wheels proved to be the best one indeed.Look out for the dreamy place we went the other day in my next post. Stay tuned 😉

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