Scintillating Sydney – Trip Of Lifetime Day 18

Sydney was bright, shiny and warm when we opened our eyes in the morning. It was the 18th day of our tour and by now we were so worn out, tanned, tired and exhausted. We sure were excited about exploring a whole new city but we needed to sleep and that’s what we did. We started our day late with visiting just a small portion of Hyde Park, it was too hot and we were not in a mood to walk either so we decided to move forward and visit Sydney’s most hyped beach – Bondi.


Quickly we boarded the train to Bondi Junction from where we had to take a bus which was supposed take us to the beach (We had bought the ‘Opal’ cards which can be used on all public transport modes in Sydney – Bus, train, ferry). This all sounds so easy.. no? but it wasn’t! (P.S. most of the buses in Sydney are not stroller friendly as well) We got off at wrong junction, embarked on a wrong bus and came to know about it when the bus reached it’s last station and Bondi beach was nowhere in sight. Hahaha (*facepalm moment* you can laugh on us :P)


We then entered a small mall in the same area, bought some fresh fruits to recharge our spirits before finding our way to Bondi beach once again. This time we asked multiple random passers by to make sure that we get the directions correctly. Caught the bus to Bondi junction which was a happening area with lots of food and shopping options. We walked past them briskly because we were already running behind schedule according to our day’s plan.

It was a hot sunny day perfect to carry out beach activities hence the Bus stand was crowded with lots of people carrying surf boats, picnic baskets and accessories. And we had to wait for the buses as well, finally the wait was over and buses came into sight which got full beyond their capacity in seconds. We disembarked from the bus with the people who looked like going to beach (lol, that was the safest bet at that time I tell you :p). Bought some chips and drinks while we walked towards the beach and voila! we were there after crossing some blocks. FINALLY!

sydney day2 pic 8
The beach panorama


A white sand beach stretched from right to left with a hint of rocks on either side was there in front of us where loads and loads of people were chilling, some were having a good time playing with the waves and few of those were trying to surf (one of which required lifeguard assistance afterwards). It was jam packed in all directions! Although it was a good day to carry out beach action but we chose not to touch the water and strolled along the sea shore inhaling in the typical Sydney vibes from our surroundings. I did a live session on my Facebook page from there too, check it out below 😉

The beach stretch itself was small as compared to many other beaches I have seen before but there is a 6 km long scenic trail which starts precisely from the left corner of the beach and goes all the way to Coogee beach. That is one beautiful path ( I know that because my sister Samina has been there and totally fell in love with the panoramas she beheld) which we did not take because all our energy was drained out already and 6 kms looked like 600 kms. Also, the views were not much appealing to us – consequences of coming back from New Zealand (not bragging at all… seriously) :p

We then marched towards the bus stop and headed to Circular Quay (via bus and then train) which is the harbour where iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge are located. These were the structures I was excited to see the most in Sydney. As soon as we came out of the station they both peek-a-booed us, Opera House from the right and Harbour bridge from the left. The atmosphere around the place was charged with lots of tourists and trendy restaurants. Check out for yourself in the pictures and video below:



Took a sneak peek of the Royal Botanical Gardens situated to the right of Opera House till the sun started descending.


We then also sauntered in the direction of Circular Quay and took a ferry down to Darling Harbour from where our hotel was located a few blocks away (Read about our excursions of Darling Harbour and surrounding areas here). Have a look at the scenes from the cruise, the moon was glaring and eye catchy – made our boat ride even more enthralling 🙂


Upon reaching the harbour we moved (read crawled) towards our destination (the hotel), stopped mid way to enjoy fresh halal burger and chicken broast from Oporto.

sydney day2 pic 33
Our dinner!! yummm

Our feet were literally limp but somehow we managed to reach the hotel. Embraced our blankets and went into deep slumber until the next day.

Find out what we did next in the next post about Sydney…  Until then, tataaa

P.S. I know this series has turned into a star plus-kinda-never-ending-soap because of so many breaks but just a few more days are left and then it’ll be over… Take my word on that! :p
I hope you are enjoying it (feeling super optimistic… lol)

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