Things to do in Dubai this weekend

Dubai never fails to astonish me, it is the part of world which is always happening and buzzing with events all year round. The love is immensely increased in winters, when the weather is just perfect to be outdoors. On top of that, the weather these days is absolute loooovvveee ❤ I swear! It has been more than 3 weeks since we are enjoying clouds and light rain every now and then here in Dubai which is so unusual about this ‘Paradise in Desert’ city.

As you all know my in-laws are visiting us these days that is why I have not been able to post much. Anyhow; guests visiting, killer weather on a weekend and so many festivities going around is a deadly combo I tell you. We went to witness the last match (of Dubai, the final is going to be in Lahore – Pakistan tonight) of PSL 2017 which was a thrilling experience with full packed sold out house at Dubai International Cricket Stadium on Friday.

And on Saturday we explored two of the most talked about events of town this weekend, thought to tell you all a bit about those so that you can jump in one of them or both the next weekend if you haven’t got a chance to visit them till now, just in case.

Etisalat Beach Canteen

We randomly opted to visit the Etisalat beach canteen set up at Kites beach Dubai which is a part of Dubai Food Festival. It is one out of many locations that are participating in the said festival. The place is full of food; from masala tea to pasta, burgers, sliders, ice cream and what not. So much food options coupled with breathtaking beach views, kitesurfers and Burj al Arab in sight with some shopping options too makes it a perfect day out for the family. One word for the set up – “Idyll“!!

It will last up till 11th of March 2017, make sure you visit it over the weekend before they wrap it up. Don’t miss out the time lapse video of sunset that is added after the pictures below.

Dubai Canvas

We had literally no plans of visiting the said event which is a wonderful 3D art festival being held at City Walk Dubai but I had to pay a visit at Sephora to collect my loyalty points gifts before the voucher expires and Sephora city walk outlet being the closest one to our home was chosen to do the honors… Lol. The festival is scheduled from March 1st to 7th but I am assuming the art works will be up for display for a little more time. We had an amazing time posing with the painted 3D images, hats off to the painters who have done an awesome job and came quite close to create the optical illusions. Definitely worth visiting guys, see for yourself!

The Japanese food stalls are also located there as a part of Dubai Food Festival and they are offering free tasting to all – anyone up for sushi? btw this was some dessert we tasted. 

Dinner at Maharaja Bhog

My Mother in Law was interested in having an Indian thali dinner and Maharaja bhog came up with most liked restaurant upon googling since we don’t have any idea about the traditional Indian restaurants much, suggest me some for next time please :). It was a pure veggie Rajasthani style restaurant where we were treated as Mughal emperors… Lol. The food was good, I’d give a 3.5 star rating on taste but I loved their service and hospitality, full stars on it.

This was about my crazy weekending peeps, both the festivals are stupendous and worth a visit. Plan your next weekend accordingly, thank me later 😉


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