Marvelous Melbourne – Trip Of Lifetime Day 01

I was soundly getting my beauty sleep until I was woken up by E and HI’s voices late in the morning or you can say early afternoon.. Apparently E was more excited about the day’s excursions and she was the first to wake up among us all.

The breakfast we did was super economical. I knew that we won’t get enough time to go grocery just after landing so I had kept the unused croissants/breads, jams and butter packets with us which we were provided with the meals in airplane (typical Paki hacks… please don’t judge me :). Those saved the day and we had a good-filling breakfast. Just after that we got ready and were all set to hit the streets of Melbourne, which was our plan for the day – EXPLORING the city!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, we were staying in the CBD (Central Business District) which was the best part. Everything was close by; the markets, public transport even the main attractions of the city too. We bought our sims first thing with data plans of course – to keep sharing the interesting happenings with you all. We got Lycamobile but I strongly urge you all to go for Telstra or Vodafone sims which are one of the best networks in Australia.

Sharing the pictorial story of the day with captions because picture speaks a thousand words. Enjoyyy 😉

Randomly posing in the middle of road
Our lunch destination 

There are lots of Indian and Turkish restaurants in the CBD which offer Halal food. Some of them are open till early hours. And still if you are unable to find one, grilled seafood or vegetarian is always an option 😉

The vegetarian thali costed us around 15 AUD. Enough for 2 persons and it was yummm
Queen Victoria Market – QVB (it was all closed since we reached there after 5)

All markets/malls in Australia close around 5 or 6 in the evening so keep that in mind if you want to shop just in case.

Tram in the city
Posing and Waiting for the tram. E is genuinely waiting though :p
Here it comes

Tram ride inside the CBD is FREE, you don’t even need to buy any ticket or card. Also, all tourist attractions are situated inside the Free Tram Zone. Our myki (Public Transport Victoria – PTV) cards were wasted because we never went out of CBD in tram or train. So, please don’t buy one for yourself too if you are not planning to go beyond the CBD limit using trams or trains.

Flinders Station (one of the biggest stations in Melbourne)
a typical busy road
Federation Square
Flinders Street with Church in view
St. Paul’s Cathedral -built 1852 in Gothic Transitional style (will show you the inside in the upcoming posts)
Street Art in Melbourne
We have heard of ‘flying chappals’ but we saw ‘Hanging Chappals (shoes)’ here :p

Melbourne is known as one of the world’s great street art capitals for its unique expressions of art displayed on approved outdoor locations throughout the city. They are worth watching.

Etihad Stadium in view
Characters with Stilts at Fed Square – Just Christmas things
Federation Square – Always happening
E enjoying the chilly weather at Collin’s street
Collin’s street studded with lights for Christmas

As the day was coming to an end, we randomly planned to visit our cousins’ family residing there. Took a cab to their house because we were 2 persons and the train fare would have costed us only a little more. Had such a nice time catching up with them after sooo long and Mustafa (their son) is sooo adorable. Plus the home-cooked-delicious food in that part of the world was icing on cake. All thanks to Mehreen, Jib Bhai and Ammad for their hospitality.

This was all about our first day at Marvelous Melbourne. The tales of second and third day are gonna be even more enthralling so watch out for the upcoming posts guys 😉

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